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The architect who sees and talks to angels

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Inner Awareness

The architect who sees and talks to angels

By: - Columnist / @Inq_Lifestyle
/ 11:16 PM September 02, 2013

Emilio “Nonoy” Ozaeta is no ordinary professor of Architecture at the University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City. He sees and talks to angels any time. He has been doing this since 1993.

What follows is my interview with Ozaeta:

Do you actually see and talk to angelic creatures while awake, and with your eyes open?


Yes, but I also “turn on” this ability at my own choosing. This means that I can control when I want to experience angels—at will. This allows me to manage my daily, waking life better and also protect other persons’ privacy, so I don’t unintentionally discover things about them.

Can you see them even if your eyes are closed?

I sometimes find it better to experience them if my eyes are closed, so I can filter out visual distractions. In my mind, I can still see or imagine the scene in front of me, only this time with the angel present.

When did you begin seeing these spiritual beings?

I started experiencing angels in May 1993. I was having merienda at home when a being that looked like a lively 15-year-old boy suddenly appeared in front of me.

He started “talking” to me in my mind, and we had a small conversation. The experience lasted 14 days, in which I could actually see and talk to him whom I intuitively knew to be an angel and, in fact, my angel.

Do they appear to you only in certain places, like your house, in churches or anywhere?

I experience angels anywhere and everywhere. Guiding angels are always near the persons they are connected to, which means that there are guiding angels wherever there are people. I have experienced angels attached to specific places, though, such as churches. Others may be “roving,” such as archangels. In sum, angels are everywhere you can think of.


What was your reaction when these beings first made themselves visible to you?

On hindsight, I was excited when I first saw my own angel, but I was definitely not afraid, perhaps because I seem to be naturally adventurous. I remember also being curious, which allowed me to initiate a conversation. It was a very heady experience. The funny thing was that I never doubted what I was experiencing. I merely accepted it for what it was.


How do you know they are angels?

If you’ve noticed, I have been using the word “experience” rather than “see.” Being with angels is a total sensual and extra-sensual experience. I see them and I also hear and feel them.

I always get this sensation of floating or levitating, like I’ve entered heaven, even while fully conscious. It’s almost an indescribable feeling.

I know they’re angels, based on instinct. You can feel the positive energy around them. Angels never announce themselves or call attention to themselves.

How or what do they look like? Are they male or female? Do they really have wings?

They appear, to me at least, as human beings with a huge, swirling, multicolored aura around them. They don’t seem to have wings as we know them. What they have in place of wings and a halo is that very animated aura. Because they appear human, they seem to be either masculine or feminine in nature or personality, although, of course, as spirits, they are androgynous.

Did you ever ask them why they appear to you? Have they also appeared to other people?

I often ask my angel why I continue to experience angels, and I am always answered with just a smile. I assume that this is part of a life plan for me, so I merely accept it.

Yes, they do appear to others, as others have also told me. That’s good because it may mean there’s hope for all of us.

Aside from angelic creatures, do you also see elementals or nature spirits? What about spirits of the dead? Where or under what circumstances?

From time to time I see ghosts, elementals such as dwarfs and the like. This happens when I’m in a playful mood and I just want to see them. Most of the time, though, I’d rather not look for them. I don’t get to be playful too often anymore.

According to the Catholic Church, God assigns only one guardian angel to each person, from birth to death. But I have been told by several foreign psychics that I have seven spirit guides, and you told me recently an eighth guide appeared. Is there a difference between an angel and a spirit guide?

From my experience, angels are eternal beings who were never human, who guide us through our lives and are concerned with us as eternal spirits.

Their guidance involves not only the day-to-day issues but, more important, our larger life issues.

Spirit guides are beings who were once living persons, are concerned only with your issues in this lifetime, and do not involve themselves with larger, karmic matters.

Are there hierarchies of angels? What’s the difference among cherubs, angels, archangels, thrones and powers that the Bible mentions?

Although we are taught that there are ranks of angels, I have learned that these ranks are merely “job descriptions.”

Angels, in my experience, are all of one level but with different functions such as archangels, thrones, seraphims. Each has a specific function to fulfill in the universe, but they are equal. They’re more democratic than we are.

What is the reaction of people when they learn that you can see and talk to angels?

Always, the persons who ask to see me in consultation are excited, curious and generally positive. Since I don’t go around advertising myself, I don’t encounter people who are skeptical or who object violently. There seems to be a lot of people out there who genuinely want to communicate with their angels for spiritual purposes.

Since angels cannot interfere with the free will of man, what good are they for? How do they help people? Can you give specific cases or examples?

When we ask for guidance, angels clarify the situation by pointing out aspects of the problem that we may not have considered. They act as objective third parties.

For instance, if someone asks which job offer they should accept, an angel may merely counter that with a question such as, “Which one do you really want? Where does your heart lead you?”

This may cause the person to really stop and consider where he is being led, rather than where his ego leads him. In this way, angels never choose for us and do not interfere with our free will.

They clarify who we are for ourselves, so we can make deeper and more informed choices.

How has the ability to see and talk to angels affected you and your life?

I guess I’ve become more introspective and hopeful in all the years I’ve been experiencing angels.

I’ve realized many things and have become more aware of who I am, not just as a person but also as a being that lives forever, as spirit. Angels are excellent behavioral models, and I believe that we should all strive to be like angels even in the middle of, and in spite of, our daily lives.

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