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The ultimate Acet survival guide

Here’s to surviving this grueling entrance exam, future Atenean!
03:55 AM September 20, 2013


This weekend, thousands of students from all over the Philippines will be taking the Ateneo College Entrance Test (Acet).

From experience, the Acet is a grueling half-day examination testing one’s aptitude in various fields, from English to current events. Here are some tips on how to survive the test.

1Know where your classroom is. There are two testing sites, the Grade School and the High School buildings. To save time, check where your room is, so you won’t get lost come test day.


2Don’t study the night before. Cramming causes stress. You must be relaxed while taking the test. Trust in what you know.

3Avoid being late. Traffic along Katipunan is horrible on test days. This is common knowledge, and still every year there are people running to their rooms because they are late. Avoid this situation by being at the waiting area an hour before the test. Make sure you have everything you need.

4Eat—Just enough for your brain to function properly. Eating too much will make you sleepy; too little will make it hard for your brain to function properly.

5Go to the bathroom before the test. You can’t leave the classroom once the test has started. Make yourself as comfortable as possible.

6 Turn your phone off.  Someone calling or texting you in the middle of the test can make you lose focus.

7Never leave anything blank. You have a 25 percent chance of getting the correct answer. The text is not right-minus-wrong, so answer everything, even if it is just a guess.

8Budget your time well. If you don’t know one number, do not linger. Answer other questions, and come back to it later.

9 Take the essay seriously. It is a very important part of the test, and will test your command of English and grammar.

10 Keep up to date with current events. Who is Janet Napoles? What is happening in Zamboanga? Keep in touch, be in the know. You might encounter these questions in the test.

11Pray. When stressed, breathe. Close your eyes for a while and pray.

Good luck to you, potential Atenean. One big fight!

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