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Learn from fashion bloggers? rainy day must-haves
IT?S OFFICIAL! SUMMER IS over and the rainy season has begun. The gloomy skies and pouring rain shouldn?t stop you from making a fashion statement. Take inspiration from these local fashion bloggers and stock up on these must-haves for rainy day dressing.

The jacket

Getting dressed for the rain isn?t easy. For a quick go-to rain outfit, invest in a statement jacket that can liven up any basic outfit while keeping you warm and dry. While waterproof Day-Glo parkas may not be your cup of tea, affordable faux leather jackets, a classic trench or printed hoodies should do the trick!

The hat

With the rain, comes a bad case of frizzy hair for many. Beat the unruly hair with a stylish hat or beanie. This will definitely tame the strands or at least hide the mess the minute it starts to pour.

The boot

To keep your feet from being sopping wet, slosh around in the rain in a pair of boots. Tuck in jeans into classic pair of knee-high boots, wear shorts with a quirky pair of wellies or pair stockings or socks with trendy booties.

The cuffed pants

Wet pants are the bane of rainy day weather! Protect them from getting soaked by rolling up the ends of jeans and trousers to cuff them. Wear them with platform heels to keep your feet safe from the wet pavement and flooded streets.

The umbrella

To keep yourself from being drenched and still look chic in the rain, make sure you have an easy open umbrella that will keep you dry. Opt for umbrellas with basic and colors to go with every outfit or if you?re the type that likes to mix and match, go crazy with those printed ones.