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?Every guy should have thick-frame glasses to attract girls; it makes the vapid-looking ones appear brighter?
WITH A BROODING quality reminiscent of the 1950?s bad boys, you would picture half-French and half-Filipino Erwan Heussaff as some sort of a nomadic artist. He is actually employed, working as head of purchasing for an integrated service company.

He wears a coat and tie on most days, instead of the biker jacket you would picture him in. Adding to his impressive CV, Erwan is a trained chef. He has traveled the world to learn various cuisines and methods of cooking. You only have to check his blog,, to have a sample of his culinary abilities.

For now, this 23-year-old finds his ?nice, quiet? home in Manila. He shares with us how the head of a purchasing department can look like he just got off a motorcycle while still being sartorially correct in the office.

What is your go-to outfit on lazy days?

Ripped jean shorts, brown Moccasins, a white V-Neck shirt and a knitted 3/4 cardigan. Anything I can slap on slothfully and still look somewhat like a wannabe hipster.

What has been your worst style moment?

I once bought a gold shirt in Bangkok and thought it was cool. I wore it one night out and people started asking me if it was a costume. I lied and said, ?Yes, of course!?

Is there such a thing as bad style for you?

Badly cut and extra loose-fitting clothes!

What trends should be retired by now?

Those weird pants that are really tight and short on the ankles and legs but sagging at the crotch area. I just don?t get it. It looks as if someone has a water balloon stuck somewhere where it shouldn?t be. Moreover, I don?t understand when people wear jerseys (of any sport) with names and numbers at the back for everyday use. I mean, I get wearing them at a game, but to go to a movie or to a restaurant? You?ve lost me there.

What?s your favorite thing in your closet?

I like all my comfortable clothes. My thick knitted cardigans, my long pullovers, my beanies, my worn-out jeans and all my suits. I have a thing for suits.

What is the soundtrack of your style?

Local Natives, Bon Iver and The Middle East. And anything that?s new but has an old soul.

Which male celebrity seriously needs to rethink the way he dresses?

I don?t really follow celebrity fashion. I do wish Brad Pitt or Zac Efron would dress badly, that way we wouldn?t constantly be compared to them.

Being a French-Filipino, what from both cultures have influenced the way you dress?

?The French culture has influenced my penchant for clothes reminiscent of decades past; simple-looking pieces and classical, time-tested garments. The Filipino culture gets me wearing slippers and short shorts.?

French men and Filipino men?any differences in terms of style?

The French are more confident in defining their own style. Whatever they wear, the outfit looks effortless and befitting. Most Filipino men are still reluctant to wear certain colors or cuts because it may go against society?s ?norms?. I find that Filipino men dress in what they are told to wear (by magazines, social groups, peers) and haven?t had the opportunity to explore what they would want to or feel comfortable wearing. Of course, this a general statement that doesn?t apply to all French or to all Filipino men.

I wouldn?t introduce my girlfriend to my parents if she was wearing ________?

All the fashionable women I know cringe at the sight of kitten heels, so I guess I?ll follow suit and say kitten heels!

Does your mom ever think your jeans are too tight? What does she hate with what you wear?

I don?t own any of those hard-to-walk, hard-to-breathe-in jeans, they are a tad bit too constricting for my liking. My mom doesn?t really give me much grief anymore, but she used to hate it when I would attempt to wear slippers for every occasion.

Couples with matching outfits?cute or annoying?

I think it?s cute when it?s tastefully done. Matching colors, for instance. But I am absolutely and categorically against the same exact clothes. Ridiculous yet entertaining!

Best accessory every guy should have to attract a girl?

A cute dog or an adorable baby nephew or niece. Clothing-wise? Thick-frame glasses; it makes the vapid-looking ones appear brighter.