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The power of unseen energies

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Inner Awareness

The power of unseen energies

/ 03:03 AM February 14, 2012

Few of us realize the tremendous influence the invisible world has on our everyday life, because we are so focused on the visible physical world. We have been brainwashed into thinking that only the visible, palpable and sensory world exists. Everything else outside of it is nonexistent or purely imaginary.

This is the reason why the average person, especially those educated in the so-called scientific method, has extreme difficulty believing in the nonvisible world. It has never occurred to him or to her that the visible world originated from the invisible world, not vice-versa.

I am not even talking here of the spirit world, which is another story altogether. I am referring merely to the existence of subtle energy which has only recently been measured by more advanced scientific instruments.


Everything is made up of energy, of movement. Nothing is static in this world. Everything is in a state of perpetual motion. And that is the reason why the ancient Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, said, “It is not possible for one to step on the same running water twice,” or something to that effect.

And although we often ignore the existence of subtle energy around us, we cannot completely deny its effect. Have you not observed, for instance, that talking with one person energizes you while talking with another drains you?

What happens in the former case is that the first person infuses energy into you, whereas the other person drains your energy, although neither one may be aware of it.

But not only people, but everything around us affects us in a very profound way. Our body reacts to such influences spontaneously and immediately without our being conscious of it. Even merely thinking a negative thought or holding a harmful substance like sugar or a cigarette will affect our body’s subtle energy.

Dr. John Diamond, in his interesting and highly informative book “Your Body Doesn’t Lie,” has convincingly demonstrated this. He asked individuals to look at a certain picture and then tested their body strengths through muscle testing or kinesiology. He was able to show that certain pictures strengthen us and others weaken us. The same thing happens with almost everything that we come in contact with.

“People who spend too much time sitting in front of a computer,” said Jan de Vries in his book “Body Energy,” “can cause great disruption to the balance of energy in the human body.” The same thing happens to people who live near high-tension power lines or who use a lot of electrical appliances such as microwave ovens with strong electromagnetic field radiations.

A study conducted in Sweden and in Japan many years ago has shown that those who live within a 300-meter distance of high-tension wires developed more tumors and leukemia compared to the average population. Children were found to be especially more vulnerable to these strong electromagnetic fields.

Geopathic stress


Aside from the dangers posed by invisible forces above the ground, there are negative energies found underground. People who sleep or work for long hours on top of a negative earth rays or geopathic stress are more likely to develop cancer and other ailments than those living away from geopathic stress areas.

Negative earth rays or geopathic stress are caused by distortions in the natural underground vibrations of the earth caused by earthquakes, underground water and volcanic eruptions.

Natural or normal earth vibrations are not harmful to man. However, according to British researcher Rolf Gordon in his important book “Are You Sleeping in a Safe Place?” when these vibrations encounter subterranean running water, certain mineral concentrations, fault lines, and underground plateaux and cavities, their natural vibrations become distorted and harmful to living organisms…in the case of running water underground, an electromagnetic field is created in the opposite direction to its flow by friction…thus creating stress.

Sleeping in such places with underground geopathic stress not only causes serious illness but other harmful effects to the human reproductive system. According to Gordon, one doctor reported that his women patients who failed to conceive were able to do so by simply moving their beds away from the negative rays under their house. There also appears to be a connection between geopathic stress and infertility in men. Also miscarriages in women.”

Because we live in a sea of invisible energy, it is best to know how they affect us and learn how to counteract or protect ourselves from them.

There are ways of determining whether your bed or office is located on top of a negative earth ray by using a simple dowsing rod or pendulum. But hardly anyone in the Philippines has the skill to do this. I have studied this, but have not done it, except for a few friends. I do not consider myself an expert in it as yet.


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