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Why iodine deficiency is a problem

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Why iodine deficiency is a problem

By: - Columnist / @Inq_Lifestyle
/ 11:35 PM February 20, 2012

Once more, you ask the questions, and I find the answers.  There is more than one way to take charge of your wellness goals.  Here are some of them.

At 28, I feel like I am 82.  Our family doctor suspects I may have a goiter problem because I am tired all the time.

You have absolutely no reason to feel like an older person at 28.  You energy levels should be high.  Try having a check-up.  Your urine and blood tests should show where your problems lie.


What does seem to plague millions of unsuspecting people worldwide is iodine deficiency.

Iodine is an element that the human body needs but does not produce.  An essential part of your diet, its deficiency in the body will cause your thyroid to produce less thyroid hormones.  This could explain why you are tired all the time.  Low iodine equals low energy.

Without adequate iodine, the thyroid enlarges progressively, developing into a goiter.  Inside the goiter are nodules which can cause a choking sensation and difficulty in breathing.

Hypothyroidism  means a slowing down of the metabolism, leading to weight gain and pregnancy-related problems. Severe deficiency will lead to congenital abnormalities and mental retardation of the unborn child.  Note:  Low iodine levels are associated with low intelligence in children.

Natural sources include seaweed, dairy products, eggs, iodized salt, meat, bread, cow’s milk, ice cream, shellfish, soft water fish, soy milk, yoghurt, and soy sauce.

The best way to treat iodine deficiency is through the right diet.

Dr. Fe Merced, speaker and resource expert for PICAM, the Institute for the Advancement in Medicine, launched a campaign recently to promote “Iodine and Youthfulness.”

Try this test at home.  Get prepared over-the-counter drugstore iodine (2 percent). This is the original one.


Before bedtime, paint a 3×3-in patch of iodine (size of one peso coin) on the inner thigh or underside of your forearm.  Look well at the color of the stain on your skin.


Upon waking next morning, look at the iodine smear.  If it is gone or almost vanished, this could indicate iodine deficiency, and supplementation is required.  Exposure to fluoride chlorine (in pools) and bromides (in beverages) can also exhaust your iodine supply.

So, to kick-start your metabolism, look into iodine as your best health aid.

Should I be afraid of eating beef if I intend to go on a diet?

Do you know that a lean steak is at least 70-percent water, contains 20 g of protein, 6 g of saturated fats, and 7 g of heart-friendly monounsaturated fat?

If you go natural and organic plus avoid the fat, there is no reason why you should avoid beef while on a weight loss plan.   It’s a matter of preference, actually.

While others may consider vegetables, fish and white meat as part of a health regimen, banning red meat totally is a choice you make.  What has been proven effective over the years is controlling the quantity of food intake.  In short, less is more.  The less food you eat, the less calories you have to worry about.  Budget your meals not only according to price, but also portions.

If you are serious about a healthy eating plan that can guarantee weight loss, just eat more vegetables than carbohydrates and meats.  Easier said than done?  Not true.  Begin today.

Eat your vegetables first, followed by proteins.  Take the carbohydrates last.

Remember, the fastest and safest way to lose is to follow these time tested-combinations:

Carbohydrates (rice, bread, pasta) + vegetables   =   zero weight gain and/or weight loss

Carbohydrates + protein = weight gain

Can you recommend ways to lessen the fat in my diet?  I love butter and cheese!

Believe it or not, your body needs fat.  Without the cholesterol in fat, your hormones can suffer, as can as the energy production of your body.  There must be a balance of omega 3 and omega 6 fats in the body for you to have a strong immunity.

Natural sources of omega 3 are fish, beans and flaxseed, while omega 6 comes from vegetable oils.

Know that animal fats are considered inflammatory, making the body  susceptible to illness.

If butter is your joy, go for the real butter.  None of this substitute butters or “lite” butters will do because they have been over-processed and may even contain hydrogenated oils which have been linked to cancer.

You can bring down the fat of content of real creamy butter.  Mix in a blender two parts unsalted butter and one part extra virgin olive oil.  Add one part virgin coconut oil (optional).  This is now butter with omega 3 in it!  Add a dash of sea salt to taste.

Stress is my middle name. Help!

Eliminate stress by knowing and identifying your stressors.

List them down.  While you may not be able to avoid them completely, you can change the way you react to them—whether this is your job, money problems, love relationships, etc.

Make it a daily habit to do your meditative breathing, praying, talking short nature walks, listening to soothing music, being with happy people, exercising, having a massage, reading inspirational books.

Today’s affirmation:

“I am victorious!”

Love and light!

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