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Anti-aging helpers

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Anti-aging helpers

By: - Columnist / @Inq_Lifestyle
/ 01:23 AM May 15, 2012

All the rage today are the most effective regimens to delay the aging process.

Little known but just as reliable are the natural practices you can adopt to achieve just that—a strong and youthful version of who you are today.

As with any anti-aging prescription, the foundation is always health. Why is that? Because the secret to a younger-looking you is the health of every single cell in the body. We can boost cellular health and regeneration through the simplest of rituals. By simply incorporating these in our daily life, results will be seen.


Thus, it can be said that the little things we do each day contribute to our well-being or illness.

Often called liquid gold or the nectar of the gods, honey is more than just a biblical reference, and much more than an ancient relic from an era when people lived beyond the limits of their life span.

There is honey, and there is honey. Not all are created equal, and to date, the most potent of honeys is the one derived from the Manuka bush in Mt. Adams, New Zealand.

In this remote mountain, far from pollution and exposed to the challenges of isolation, the white manuka flowers bloom in summer for only four weeks. It is here that the purest of honey is harvested from beehives that have not been touched by human hands.

The locals, called Maoris, have used the manuka plant in the treatment of various health conditions for centuries. The bark and leaves were boiled, its vapors inhaled to alleviate and treat coughs, colds, stomach aches and pains, arthritis and rheumatic problems.

Manuka honey was discovered by the local farmers after they fed it to their cows. The cows never became ill.

The Manuka Health Company, the leading manufacturer of manuka raw honey, has successfully determined the strength of its product using standards developed by the Technical University of Dresden. German scientist and professor Thomas Henle discovered nutritional methylglyoxal (MGO), the active compound which enables the antibacterial activity of manuka honey. Thus, the higher the MGO, the stronger the antibacterial potency and activity.

Today, manuka honey ranges from MGO 30 for minimal protection to MGO 550 for the strongest immune-boosting capability.


Testimonies come from individuals experiencing alleviation and healing within three to seven days from chronic diseases, such as bronchitis, flu, sinusitis, gum problems, arthritis, stomach ulcers, sore throat, boils.

Manuka honey has also developed a throat disinfectant spray that delivers results within 24-36 hours.

It’s truly amazing what natural treatments can do to speed up the body’s healing process. Check out

Hot chillies

That fire in your mouth each time you eat spicy food isn’t just designed to excite the palate; it stimulates the senses.

Sweet bell peppers, as well as the hot chilli variety, are members of the plant genus capsicum (from the Greek kapto, meaning “to bite”). The benefits of capsicum are numerous:

Anti-inflammatory—Chronic inflammation is something capsaicin addresses, along with premature aging of the skin and other degenerative diseases.

Stomach relief—Gastric disorders and certain intestinal problems like inflammatory bowel disease (IBD, whose cause is unknown)

Headaches—The swelling and pain-producing mechanisms of the brain are successfully suppressed. This prevents migraines and sinus headaches.

Sinus infections—Its antibacterial properties are effective in fighting sinus-related allergy symptoms and nasal congestion.

Cancer-fighter—Recent clinical studies in Japan and China have shown that capsaicin could prevent the growth of certain types of cancer, such as intestinal, stomach and colon. This explains why the cancer rates in South America (whose cuisine revolves around chilli peppers and beans) are much lower than North America.

Fat burner

Take a look at the active ingredient in modern diet pills, and you will find capsaicin. This is because by raising the thermogenic level of the body, fat-burning is thus speeded up. Ever since the Food and Drug Administration banned ephedra, chillies have been used as a quick and effective replacement.

Unlike ephedra, chilli does not stimulate the heart; in fact, it is a heart-friendly supplement.

Hot peppers have heat measurement known as Scoville units, the most accurate way to measure the hotness of a pepper. This was developed and named after botanist Wilbur Scoville, who learned that 80 percent of the hotness is found in the seeds and ribs. The hottest pepper in the world is called Naga Jolokia from Assam, India.

Sweet Skin Scrub

5 tbsp plain honey

2 tsp brown sugar

Scrub your body until velvety smooth. Shower and rinse off.

Cold Protect Tonic

1 c warm water

1 tsp Manuka honey

Drink daily on an empty stomach as your immune-boosting regimen.

Today’s affirmation: “I am sweet as honey.”

Love and Light!

Reference: “The Perricone Promise” by  Nicholas Perricone, MD

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