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You don’t need flowers to fill a flower vase

12:23 AM July 25, 2012

GREEN plants, floral, foam, vase

Fresh flowers in a vase can brighten any room. Unfortunately, they don’t come cheap and are not always readily available. Here’s an idea: Go green! Instead of choosing from a variety of colors and kinds of flowers, choose from different shades and shapes of green foliage. Not only are they attractive, they’re environmentally friendly, too! Here’s a list of materials and helpful hints to start off your first arrangement.


Cuttings of green foliage


Floral foam (oasis)


Measure the floral foam to fit the vase. Thoroughly soak the foam with water and place inside the vase.

Measure the branches to your desired length. Stick the branches enough to make the branches stand as upright and tall as you want.


When choosing a vase, there are no fast and hard rules.

A tight, big bunch of the same kind of foliage has a distinctive impact, as they do with flowers.

Plants with interesting characteristics make for an interesting arrangement.

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