Wednesday, February 22, 2017
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You won’t get bored with your cork boards

DECORATIVE picture frames fitted with cork sheet

Cork boards available in the market haven’t changed much. Bookstores still carry the very basic, plain aluminum or wood-framed variety. Here’s an idea for interesting cork boards that can make the most mundane reminders look pretty. A decorative picture frame fitted with a cork sheet would be a perfect place to pin up favorite personal  photos or momentos to hang up on your wall for friends to enjoy!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Frame of your choice (antique frames, fabric-covered frames)


Cork sheet (available at school supply stores)

If needed, staple gun or small nails (depending on frame material)

Hard board (if your frame has no backing, you will need this for extra support)


Measure the hollow space of the frame.

Cut cork sheet to size.

Attach cork sheet to the back of frame.

Attach hardboard (cut to size) for extra support, if needed.

Keep in mind that you will be pinning up materials on your cork board, so make sure your backing is thick enough for the pins not to go through to your walls.

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