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Can an object bear the quality or energy of its owner?

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Inner Awareness

Can an object bear the quality or energy of its owner?

By: - Columnist / @Inq_Lifestyle
/ 12:51 AM September 18, 2012

(Part I)

Do you know that some people refuse to shake hands with strangers, or have their picture taken, because they believe that if they do, something of them is taken away?

Such belief is dismissed as nonsense by so-called “modern” and “civilized” people, or as mere superstition or product of ignorance. But are they?


Suppose you have a kitchen knife you use only to cut vegetables or peel potatoes. Such a knife may not carry some heavy or negative energy. It may even have a pleasant feeling.

But if this same knife is used to kill someone out of anger, hatred and evil intent, it suddenly acquires a different energy—a heavy, negative energy which can be felt or sensed by any sensitive person that touches it.


Legend of Longinus

This is probably the reason behind the legend of the spear of Longinus. In the Bible, Longinus was the Roman soldier who pierced the side of Christ’s body on the cross to be sure he was dead.

Because the spear had touched the body of Christ, people believed it had acquired tremendous power, that whoever possessed it  would have power over all nations. But that spear was lost.

It is told that Napoleon tried to look for it and so did Hitler, Mussolini, and even former President Marcos.

We do not know how true that  story was. But it could be.


An object—for example, a sword or knife—that belongs to a powerful and invincible warrior or hero, is believed to possess the same quality as its owner.

The same reasoning is behind the belief in the power of talismans or amulets worn by kings, pharaohs or emperors.

The same reasoning is behind the belief among Christians in the power of relics, especially of Jesus Christ and the saints.

The same reasoning is behind the belief in the power of blessings by kings and church leaders, such as the Pope.

There is an inherent belief in the transfer of subtle but powerful energy. Of course, the use of relics is explained differently by the officials of the Christian church.

If it is true that such transference of subtle energy does take place from a person to an object that he has worn or touched, then the primitive people’s fear of shaking hands and having their pictures taken does not look so irrational, after all.

But how do we explain such a phenomenon?



It can only be explained if we consider the existence of the nonphysical substance called the “Akasha” or the “Akashic Record.”

This is a very difficult concept to explain to the materialistic, rational and scientific mind.

The Akasha does not exist on the physical plane; it exists on the subtle, unseen, etheric plane or realm. And only those who have developed clairvoyant vision can read it.

One explanation of the Akasha goes: If we reduce everything in the universe to its ultimate component or substance, what would be left is the Akasha. In other words, the Akasha is the substratum of all matter which is more basic or more fundamental than the particles of matter that quantum physicists talk about.

According to American psychic and prophet Edgar Cayce, who died in 1945, everything an individual has ever done, felt, seen, heard, smelled and tasted is recorded in the Akasha.

Each  of us, according to him, writes our record in the “skein of time and space.” It is not a physical record or information that can be downloaded on the computer.

But the Akashic Record is not just a record of the past. It is interactive, for it also records the present and the possible future. The future can change in accordance with our choices, desires or intentions.


Book of Life

The Christian religion has a concept similar to the Akashic record. According to Church teachings, when a person dies, St. Peter opens the Book of Life, a permanent record of everything a person has done on earth, from birth to death.

Depending on what is recorded there, a person either goes to heaven or to hell. It is not God who punishes or rewards us, it is we who punish or reward ourselves by our actions, thoughts, desires and choices made in our lifetime.

If this theory is valid, Christ was correct when he said that nothing can be hidden, everything will be revealed, for one who can access or read the Akashic Record will know everything a person has ever done, felt or thought of in his life.

Could the Persian Sufi mystic and poet Omar Khayyam be referring to the Akashic Record when he wrote in his famous “Rubaiyat” (as translated by Edward Fitzgerald):

“The moving hand writes; and having writ,

Moves on: nor all thy piety nor wit

Shall lure it back to cancel half a line,

Nor all thy tears wash out a word of it.”

Next week: How Psychometry or object reading was discovered.

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