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The year of the Yin Water Snake: Conflict, disease, accidents ahead–but also a booming economy

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The year of the Yin Water Snake: Conflict, disease, accidents ahead–but also a booming economy

/ 03:20 AM February 10, 2013

The dragon year finally came to an end at 00:32 last Feb. 4. Today, Feb. 10, we celebrate Chinese Lunar Year. It is a Yin Water Snake year!

The year 2013 is ruled by yin water sitting on top of yin fire, the element carried by the Snake. There is a clash between water and fire. It may not be a harmonious year, but the two elements, being both yin in nature, suggests that whatever mess will come along, conflicts can still be pacified.

This can be seen as we evaluate highlights in our Philippine history during previous Snake years. In 2001, Edsa II ousted former President Joseph Estrada and put into office Vice President Gloria Arroyo as the new president. In 1977, a referendum was held empowering then President Ferdinand Marcos (who was also elected president of the Philippines in 1965 Snake year) to continue in office and to become prime minister as well.


Global conflicts that happened during Snake years include the 1941 Pearl Harbor attacks, the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre and the 2001 Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

What can we look forward to?


Injury, bloodshed

Water being the destroyer of fire creates a conflicting relationship. Inevitably, these conflicts indicate a not-so-peaceful environment. The month of the Snake in the Western calendar is May 5 to June 4 this year. Locally, we are holding elections in this period and we all can wait and see what this election will bring us. The clash between water and fire often brings injury, with bleeding or bloodshed, as both denote blood. This early, some candidates seeking for office have already been gunned down.

The yin water is in the form of a small drop of water, mist or morning dew. This means it is moderate, gentle, humble and tolerant, yet what lurks in the other  side of this water is cunning, deceptive; it can penetrate everywhere.

The yin fire of the Snake can be likened to a candle that constantly flickers and when left unattended can potentially be very dangerous.

To reap positive results, the good energy of water has to be guided in a positive direction  to draw innovative ideas and reforms.


Traveling will pose potential problems in 2013. The Snake is also referred to as the “Traveling Star” in the Four Pillars of Destiny. Therefore, it will be a busy year for many people and traffic accidents related to air, sea and train are imminent.

Directly affected are those with Pig in their birth chart (meaning, it can be in your year, month, day or hour of birth), as it is the animal clashing with Snake. Both are considered traveling stars. Pig also carries the water element, therefore the clash between the two indicate injuries with bleeding.

To mitigate this, it is recommended to carry a Monkey in the form of pendant or bracelet, as this is the animal that will combine with Snake, thus preventing the latter to clash with the Pig.

Health front

On the health front, yin fire symbolizes the heart, blood circulation, the brain and the eyes. Its clash with yin water may cause stroke, heart attack and problems of the eyes. Also, the Snake will combine with Tiger and Monkey to form a “fire penalty.” Anybody with Tiger and Monkey in his chart is at risk of serious heart and blood disease as well as inflammation problems.

It would be a good idea to undergo a health check and engage in an exercise program with moderate eating habits.

Warm and moist air can also bring about viruses and diseases. Be on guard against possible major epidemics, especially around midyear.

The serious fire energy of the Snake can also suggest explosions and fire disasters. The months of Tiger and Monkey this February and August, respectively, will be the most dangerous months. Let us always be vigilant to prevent these occurrences.

The animals in harmony with the Snake are Monkey, Rooster and Ox. Those born in these years, depending on their birth chart, may experience a smooth year with helpful people around.

Aside from the Pig which is in direct clash with Snake, the Tiger also is in potential clash and if you belong to these signs, you can experience changes in your life. Positive or negative—that will depend on the total makeup of your chart.

Flying star chart

Let us examine the annual flying star chart for 2013:

North—Star 1

This is a star that signifies promotions and growth. If your door faces North, it is good for academic success and recognition. Place four stalks of Chinese lucky bamboo in the North to enhance the possibility of career advancement, improved academic studies or heightened romance.

Those with Rat in their chart can benefit.

Northeast—Star 8

This is the most auspicious of them all. It refers to current prosperity and if your front door is facing this direction, you may enjoy more prosperity this year. You may activate the area with yellow citron crystal or simply place moving water such as fountains, or other moving objects.

Having a Tiger and Ox in your chart will reap its positive effects.

East—Star 3

This is a quarrelsome star. Place a red object or red piece of paper in this sector to cure. To minimize the effect of Three Killings in the East this year, place 3 kirins, a small bucket of water and a live plant in this sector.

The Rabbit sign is directly affected by this.

It is important not to provoke this star by undertaking any significant groundbreaking or renovation activities, as this can release some serious unfortunate consequences for both the property and its inhabitants.

Southeast—Star 4

You may put a vase of water in the Southeast to increase possibility of career advancement and romance.

The Dragon and Snake will benefit here.

South—Star 9

This is the secondary auspicious wealth star that portends joyous occasions. Place a pot of plant in the south to bring about events for celebration.

Having a Horse in your chart will imbibe its results.

Southwest—Star 2

A sickly and misfortune star; mitigate the annual 2 by placing a metal calabash in the Southwest of the house to avoid illness.

Those with Monkey and Sheep are prone to illness, as well as mothers, as this is the sector of the mother’s trigram.

West—Star 7

Robbery and fire hazard are indicated in this sector, so place something blue to lessen the negative effects.

Those with Rooster are advised to consider blue or black as part of their wardrobe color this year.

Northwest—Star 6

This star can bring about travel and promotion, especially to the father of the house. A bowl of fresh still water can be placed on this corner.

This will be experienced by those with Pig and Dog in their charts.

Center—Star 5

A very inauspicious energy is at the center this year. Star 5 refers to misfortune of any kind. Reinforce décor with metallic objects and place the saltwater and coins cure at the center of your home.

Driving force

Those who are curious about the economy know that the fire element is often the driving force behind the stock market. With the arrival of fire snake, a substantial improvement in the economic atmosphere can be expected, with economic activities and the stock market becoming very active. Enjoy it while you can.

It will also be an active year for those in the earth, metal and wood industries. These include property, hotels, mining, insurance, technology, machinery, cars, engineering, banking, textile, clothing, magazine, paper, books and environmental industry.

The water industry such as transport, shipping, communications, drinks and spa will experience improvement but will also be competitive. Not so good are those in the fire industry like energy, finance and entertainment.

On a final note, this year will be messy, with ploys and conspiracies. Contemplate, plan ahead and strategize, but be cautious and don’t jump into decisions.

Natural phenomena such as droughts, global warming, earthquake and tornadoes will still be here. Accidents and transportation problems will also be at the forefront.

We must pay attention to curing primarily the negative sectors afflicted this year. Pray earnestly that God will continue to bless us and keep us away from danger and harm.

Have a happy and prosperous Snake year!

The author is a seasoned feng shui consultant/practitioner. She holds international certifications after pursuing serious studies from leading international Grandmasters like Lillian Too and Raymond Lo. She is only one of three Filipinos who have completed the graduate course of Grandmaster Raymond Lo in Hong Kong.  To constantly update herself, she also attends the annual International Feng Shui Convention in Singapore and yearly updates abroad. E-mail her at

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