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Your Zodiac wellness guide

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Your Zodiac wellness guide

By: - Columnist / @Inq_Lifestyle
/ 11:28 PM February 18, 2013

There is so much information on the Internet that is mind-boggling. Incredible as this may sound, your wellness roadmap is written in the stars.

Take this seriously or with a grain of salt. If it gets a laugh out of you, then it has served you well.  Mind you, much of this information makes sense. Read and enjoy what medical astrology has to say.  As far as I am concerned, being a Leo, my fiery constitution as depicted has some truth in it.



Every sign belongs to an element. And every element determines your unique constitutional makeup.

Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius are passionate, strong, energetic.

Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn are grounded and steady.

Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius are spirited and full of vitality.

Water: Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio are emotionally absorbent, moody and changeable.

Fire signs

Your element rules the function of internal burning or combustion, especially digestion. This also involves the assimilation of food. The act of burning symbolizes the purification of one’s system by the elimination of viruses, bacteria, fungus. It is easy for fire signs to fight disease. There is also an affinity to warmer temperatures.



High Fire: When overstimulated, fire people tend to overextend themselves leading to exhaustion.  Too much fire leads to impatience and anger.

Guard against: Hypertension, heart problems, internal inflammation and heart disease

Remedy: Bring back the balance with cool, moist food. Take root crops, grains, teas (chamomile and valerian root).

Low Fire: Immune system is compromised and digestion is disrupted. When energy is low, take immediate action to achieve balance.

Remedy: Hot, spicy food. Avoid anything cold (especially iced water and beverages). Take ginger, garlic, cinnamon, lemon, bitter vegetables (mustard, bitter gourd). Avoid dairy products and meat.

Air signs

Air rules the nervous and circulatory systems plus the function of movement, breathing and urination.

High Air: Restlessness and nervousness can lead to nervous breakdown.

Guard against: Insomnia, dry skin, memory loss. They are detrimental to the mucus membranes.

Remedy: Be in a calm environment. Avoid raw foods, grains, root crops, refined sugar, food with yeast like breads, cakes.  Take digestive enzymes.

Low Air: Flow of energy throughout the body is affected.

Remedy: Yoghurt, raw foods, cayenne, kefir, garlic, vegetable juices, sprouts, alfalfa, radish, oatmeal. Take supplements: magnesium and calcium. Drink dandelion root and angostura bitters.

Water signs

Water rules the lymphatic system and body liquids, as well as the reproductive system. This also includes the blood, mucus and lymph. Sensitive to the environment, water signs are susceptible to fungal, bacterial and viral infection. Because you easily absorb negativity from people and places, you are easily prone to brooding and magnify your problems as bigger than what they are. Health problems recur in cycles.

High Water: Tendency toward poor, sluggish digestion and slow metabolism. Excessive water remains stagnant inside the body and manifests as Candida (yeast/ fungus), cysts, tumors, mucus.

Guard against: Weight gain. Control your diet and increase exercise.

Remedy: Eat steamed vegetables, beans, fruits, diuretics like parsley, lemongrass. Beneficial are olive leaf extract, garlic sage and basil.

Low Water: Little water in the system means the inability to flush out toxins. There are tendencies toward dehydration, stiffness of the body and sleeping disorders. Watch out for dry skin and hair. Low water people find difficulty accepting emotional support and nourishment from others.

Remedy: Hydrate by increasing water intake, take regular baths, eat watery fruits like melons, cucumbers, watermelons. Do not fast. Avoid extreme temperatures and harsh sunlight. Take sea salt.  If you can, live by the sea. Eat oats, rice, wheat, dairy products and natural sugar from fruits. Don’t eat beans and food that are natural diuretics—carrots, celery, cabbage and asparagus.

Earth signs

Earth rules the skeletal and eliminatory systems of the body.  The earth element is also considered important to repair of tissue, growth and reproduction. There are tendencies toward weight gain, glandular disorder and tumors.

Guard against a sedentary life, lack of exercise and overeating.

Earth signs have a strong resistance to colds and flu. They have strong senses and thrive more when in contact with the earth.

High Earth: Prone to a sluggish system. Beware of weight gain.  Try to overcome your feeling of heaviness and struggle to overcome your inertia.  Move!

Metabolism problems: Watch out for calcium deposits in the body, tumors and thickness of skin.

Remedy: Vegetables, fruits, juices, soups, teas, ginger, cayenne, black pepper.

Avoid: Overeating and heavy diets.

Low Earth: Because of lack of grounding, Earth signs ignore their bodies and do not know by instinct what their basic needs are.

Remedy: Sleep, touch the earth.  Eat seaweed, potatoes, meat, root crops, cheese, butter, sugar and oil. Avoid raw food and fruits.

Today’s affirmation: “I am amazing.”

Love and light!

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