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Here are the 2013 senatorial bets



WITH 23 days to go before the national and local mid-term elections, Inquirer Super concludes its guide to the 2013 Senatorial candidates.

This week, we urge you to evaluate the last 17 candidates on the roster. Consider their agenda, platforms and advocacies—which ones have the biggest potential to address the issues facing today’s youth and society?

Making informed decisions, in this case finding out the names that deserve to be on your ballot, will make a big difference when the votes are tallied.

On May 13, make yours count.


HONASAN, Gregorio
Aka: Gringo Honasan

Party/Coalition: United Nationalist Alliance

His youth-centric agenda on…

Education: Push for reforms in the National Service Training Program; establish Philippine Public Safety College System, an educational institution for training, human resource development and continuing education of all police, fire and jail personnel; provide government assistance to students and teachers in private education
Employment: Remove height requirement for police applicants
Human rights: Passage of People’s Ownership of Government Information Act, allowing citizens access to public information; continue support for Clean Air Act and National Human Rights Consciousness Week; protect children against abuse, exploitation and discrimination; allow illegitimate children to use their father’s surname; protect indigenous cultural communities; right to healthcare, create Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care and National Cancer Institute; decriminalize libel
Youth programs: Sulong Dunong sa Kaunlaran computer-education scholarship program; college scholarship program for out-of-school youth; provide relief assistance to youth and their family in calamity-hit areas
Online social status/accessibility: honasankana.com;e-mail honasankana@gmail.com;
facebook.com/pages/Honasan-Ka-Na; Twitter @gringo_honasan; youtube.com/user/honasankana

His stand on…
RH Law: Anti
Same-sex marriage: Anti

More on Gregorio Honasan:



Aka: Risa Hontiveros-Baraquel

Party/Coalition: Liberal Party/Team PNoy

Her youth-centric agenda on…
Education: Against tuition hike
Employment: Protect health professionals and provide them good work environs; economic empowerment for solo parents
Human rights: Introduce divorce; protect women’s rights by promoting antiviolence and antiprostitution; protect marginalized communities; support Cheaper Medicines Law and quality healthcare
Youth program: Immunization program for children; breast-feeding program
Online social status/accessibility: risahontiveros.com; e-mail risahq@gmail.com; facebook.com/hontiverosrisa; Twitter @risahontiveros

Her stand on…
RH Law: Pro
Same-sex marriage: No stand

More on Risa Hontiveros:



LEGARDA, Lorna Regina
Aka: Loren Legarda

Party/Coalition: Nationalist Peoples’ Coalition/Team PNoy

Her youth-centric agenda on…
Education: Wants government and nongovernment organizations to collaborate on promoting literacy
Human rights: Coauthor of Anti-Domestic Violence Act, Anti-Abuse of Women in Intimate Relationships Act, Magna Carta for Working Children and Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act; advocates rights of women, the youth and children and believes literacy is a fundamental human right (see agenda for education)
Employment: Seeks to fully implement and spread awareness for Magna Carta for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), Barangay Kabuhayan Act, and the Agri-Agra Reform Credit Act—laws that help generate employment and economic activities, and spur countryside growth—for which Legarda is principal author. “MSMEs are powerful platforms for promotion of viable rural livelihoods, cultural preservation, socioeconomic empowerment of indigenous peoples, and environmental protection,” she reportedly said.
Youth program: Libro ni Loren Foundation has been providing scholarships and helping build the book collection of city/municipal libraries and barangay reading centers.
Online social status/accessibility: lorenlegarda.com.ph, libroniloren.ph; e-mail loren@lorenlegarda.com.ph; facebook.com/senatorloren; Twitter @loren_legarda

Her stand on…
RH Law: Pro
Same-sex marriage: No stand, but says LGBTs should be allowed civil union, among other rights and privileges

More on Loren Legarda:



LLASOS, Marwil
Aka: Bro. Mars

Party/Coalition: Ang Kapatiran Party

His youth-centric agenda on…
Education: Kapatiran candidates observe the same political platform, which tackles spiritual, moral, social needs; and concerns on multidimensional approach to peace and order, good governance, economic development, political culture and foreign policy. They seek to boost education in the sciences, mathematics, engineering and English. Llasos, a Bicol University graduate, wants to strengthen state universities and colleges (SUCs) by giving them fiscal autonomy.
Human rights: Policies from Kapatiran platform—anti-death penalty, end use of torture, end violence in schools, promote responsible parenthood, legislated gun control, uphold peace in Mindanao, end climate of impunity for extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances
Employment: Again, from Kapatiran platform—labor-first policy that supports labor rights, fair income, security of tenure and guarantee of employment; prioritize agricultural development through new technologies and support-infrastructure; create microfinance and other credit facilities for small enterprises; encourage livelihood through cooperatives, small enterprises and development programs to alleviate poverty in the grassroots level
Youth programs: None
Online social status/accessibility: bromarwilnllasos.blogspot.com; facebook.com/pages/Marwil-Llasos-Alternatibo-para-sa-Pilipino-Official-FB-Page/144368892246660?fref=ts; Twitter @iluvmarwilop

His stand on…
RH Law: Anti
Same-sex marriage: Anti

More on Marwil Llasos:



MACEDA, Ernesto
Manong Ernie

Party/Coalition: United Nationalist Alliance

His youth-centric agenda on…
Education: One of Maceda’s five major advocacies is education. He aims to have 50 percent of underprivileged college students receive full scholarship grants, and triple the budget for SUCs.
Human rights: Provide affordable potable water to every household in the country, including barangays and sitios in far-flung areas; support freedom of information bill and endorse laws to decriminalize libel; upgrade anticrime campaign with ideal police-population ratio of 1:500
Employment: Support prolabor measures such as higher minimum wage; programs that protect and increase benefits of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs); and programs for farmers and generating agricultural livelihood
Youth program: Revive study-now-pay-later program.
Online social status/accessibility: senatormaceda.com; e-mail info@senatormaceda.nett; facebook.com/SenatorMaceda; Twitter @SenMaceda; Ernesto Maceda YouTube channel

His stand on…
RH Law: Pro
Same-sex marriage: Anti

More on Ernesto Maceda:





MADRIGAL, Maria Ana Consuelo
Aka: Jamby Madrigal

Party/Coalition: Liberal Party/Team PNoy

Her youth-centric agenda on…
Education: Publish textbooks on nationalist topics and sell them at subsidized rate; plans to increase education budget to eliminate need for tuition in SUCs
Human rights: Environmental protection and women’s rights advocate (author and principal sponsor of Magna Carta for Women, which protects women from discrimination and all forms of violence, and gives them equal treatment when it comes to the law, health services, marriage, and family-related matters)
Employment: Raise Department of Science and Technology’s (DOST) budget to over P75 billion to produce more high-quality jobs for college graduates
Youth program: “Malusog na Kabataan sa Bawat Paaralan”—free lunch for every schoolchild
Online social status/accessibility: jambymadrigal.com; facebook.com/Sen.Jamby.Madrigal; Twitter @TheRealJamby

Her stand on…
RH Law: Pro
Same-sex marriage: Anti
More on Jamby Madrigal:



Magsaysay, Mitos

MAGSAYSAY, Ma. Milagros
Aka: Mitos Magsaysay

Party/Coalition: United Nationalist Alliance

Her youth-centric agenda on…
Education: Proposes budget for college education scholarships; plans to strengthen government support for public school teachers; has given out scholarships to high school and college students in her Zambales district
Human rights: Supports freedom of information bill; advocate of consumer rights; has pushed for the Magna Carta of Women
Employment: Presses for benefits for OFWs; worked on salary standardization law to increase government workers’ salaries
Youth program: Has pushed legislation for a student loan board in her district to give opportunity to poor but deserving students
Online social status/accessibility: mitosmagsaysay.net; e-mail mitosmag@yahoo.com;

facebook.com/mitoshmagsaysay; Twitter @mitosmagsaysay

Her stand on…
RH Law: Anti
Same-sex marriage: Anti

More on Mitos Magsaysay:



Aka: Jun Magsaysay; Magsaysay is my guy!

Party/Coalition: Liberal Party/Team PNoy

His youth-centric agenda on…
Education: Pay-It-Forward policy–alumni of universities can finance education of underprivileged students (he has provided scholarships to around 17,000 students through Iskolar ni Jun Magsaysay program); beef up government scholarships for underprivileged students, particularly in agriculture, fisheries, vocational technical courses; expand coverage of Government Assistance for Students and Teachers in Private Education, a program that subsidizes transfer of public high school students to private institutions to help decongest public schools
Human rights: WiFi sa Barangay: Believes Internet access is a human right, hence the need for government-funded Internet infrastructure for WiFi connections in all barangays
Employment: Simplify bureaucracy, cut red tape to improve job opportunities in the country; Sovereign Wealth Fund for small and medium enterprises (SMEs)
Youth program: Encourages government and private offices to hire junior, senior high school and college students as on-the-job summer trainees to boost their competitiveness and work skills
Online social status/accessibility: e-mail junmag56@yahoo.com; Twitter @RamonMagsaysayJ, @rmagsaysayjr

His stand on…
RH Law: Pro
Same-sex marriage: Anti

More on Jun Magsaysay:



Mon Montaño

Party/Coalition: Independent

His youth-centric agenda on…
Education: None
Human rights: Improve pension system for senior citizens and retired soldiers
Employment: Revamp policies in the Philippine National Police and the Armed Forces of the Philippines to isolate them from politics.
Youth programs: None
Online social status/accessibility: None
His stand on…
RH Law: Pro
Same-sex marriage: Anti
More on Ramon Montaño:



PENSON, Ricardo
Aka: Dick Penson

Party/Coalition: Independent

His youth-centric agenda on…
Education: Proposes incentive program for schools with “high-quality outputs”; will promote Public-Private Partnership ventures in public education
Human rights: Primary agenda on Penson platform—ensure access to public office through an anti-political dynasty law; will promote an improved healthcare program; will support Muslim Mindanao in the implementation of the Bangsamoro framework agreement; pushes for divorce bill
Employment: Will focus on development of SMEs
Youth programs: None
Online social status/accessibility: krusadakontradynasty.ph; e-mail penson2013@pci.ph; facebook.com/pages/Ricardo-Penson/253538714773273; Twitter @26PensonSenador

His stand on…
RH Law: Pro
Same-sex marriage: Anti, but for registered partnerships

More on Dick Penson:


PIMENTEL, Aquilino Martin III
Aka: Koko Pimentel; Kalaban ng Pandaraya

Party/Coalition: PDP-Laban/Team PNoy

His youth-centric agenda on…
Education: Strengthen math and science education and government scholarship program
Human rights: Amend Consumer Code, Securities Act, to prevent various forms of public deception; additional benefits for senior citizens; amend Speedy Trial Act
Employment: Proposes incentives for continued employment or reemployment of senior citizens; advocates Philippine Boxers Welfare bill to protect boxers by adopting world-class safety standards, and providing benefits and incentives
Youth program: Advocates Sangguniang KabataanReform law
Online social status/accessibility:
kokopimentel.org; facebook.com/AttyKoko; Twitter @Koko_Pimentel

His stand on…
RH Law: Anti
Same-sex marriage: Anti

More on Koko Pimentel:


POE, Mary Grace
Aka: Grace Poe

Party/Coalition: Independent/Team PNoy

Her youth-centric agenda on…
Education: Reform educational system; protect teachers’ welfare
Human rights: Push for stronger institutional support for street kids and abandoned children; more barangay daycare centers and in private companies; feeding program for kids from poor families; stronger antichild labor law; electoral reforms; and promote information technology as tool for government services and dialogue with the people
Employment: Promote job-matching programs; will support state-sponsored employment-related initiatives like career-planning seminars and job placements; favors agrarian reform program
Youth programs: Create government programs to protect children with special needs and disabilities; add comprehensive support programs for those who care for the welfare of children, such as domestic help and health workers
Online social status/accessibility: gracepoe.ph; facebook.com/gracepoe2013; Twitter @GracePoe2013; Grace Poe YouTube channel

Her stand on…
RH Law: Pro
Same-sex marriage: No stand

More on Grace Poe:


SEÑERES, Hans Christian
Aka: Christian Señeres

Party/Coalition: Democratic Party of the Philippines

His youth-centric agenda on…
Education: Proposes education budget be equivalent to 6 percent of gross national product as recommended by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization; wants an increase in funds for the improvement of facilities of SUCs
Human rights: Pushes for his party’s platforms such as increasing benefits of farmers, veterans and senior citizens
Employment: Again, party platform—provide houses and jobs for the poor, and the designation of OFWs as promoters of the country’s goods and services
Youth programs: Plans to continue youth projects he started when he was a party-list representative, such as construction of community recreation centers, classrooms and public libraries
Online social status/accessibility: facebook.com/Dr.ChristianSeneres; Twitter @Seneres2013; youtube.com/user/ChristianSeneres

His stand on…
RH Law: Anti
Same-sex marriage: Anti

More on Christian Señeres:


Aka: Sonny Trillanes

Party/Coalition: Nacionalista Party/Team PNoy

His youth-centric agenda on…
Education: Literacy program for blind or visually-impaired students
Human rights: Protect children against sex offenders, human trafficking; increase security for child witnesses; establish National Cervical Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Fund
Employment: Continue to help persons with disabilities seeking employment
Youth programs: Advocates study-now-pay-later program, free public preschool education program; promote National Children’s Day
Online social status/accessibility: trillanes.com.ph; e-mail senateoffice@trillanes.com.ph, senate.office.trillanes@gmail.com; facebook.com/sonnytrillanes.official; Twitter @TrillanesSonny

His stand on…
RH Law: Anti
Same-sex marriage: Anti

More on Sonny Trillanes:


Aka: Bro. Eddie Villanueva

Party/Coalition: Bangon Pilipinas

His youth-centric agenda on…
Education: Advocates free education in all levels to poor students; will propose reforms in the Department of Education (DepEd) and Commission on Higher Education; will promote alternative learning systems; will review and determine effectiveness of K+12 program; will sponsor law providing higher education budget that meets international standard; will reorganize DOST into National Academy of Science and Technology, and focus on research and development projects
Human rights: Will focus on OFWs’ rights (promote proper investment of their earnings, push for opportunities for them to use their skills and expertise in the Philippines once they return); will push for better universal healthcare access (set up tertiary hospitals in every region, raise health budget by 1 percent of gross domestic product, expand health insurance coverage); advocates law ensuring marginalized sectors are part of economic growth (create credit system for SMEs, build a community entrepreneurial school, create an anti-usury policy)
Employment: Will push for agricultural-industrial development (propose amendments, reforms in Department of Agriculture, establish social security fund that will provide accident/hospital insurance and pension to farmers and fisherfolk, promote community organic farming); advocates review of contractual workers’ rights
Youth programs: None
Online social status/accessibility: broeddie.ph; e-mail volunteer@broeddie.ph; facebook.com/broeddiecvillanueva; Twitter @Bro_Eddie

His stand on…
RH Law: Pro
Same-sex marriage: Anti

More on Bro. Eddie Villanueva:


VILLAR, Cynthia
Aka: Misis Hanep Buhay

Party/Coalition: Nacionalista Party/Team PNoy

Her youth-centric agenda on…
Education: Supports educational systems such as ladderized approach, distance learning and open university
Human rights: Amend Family Code, focus on obliging husbands who unjustly abandon their families to continue supporting them; continue legislative work on antitrafficking of children and women, protection of children in the workplace, antiviolence against women
Employment: Nationwide livelihood projects such as water lily products making, blanket weaving, establishment of composting facility and coconut factory
Youth program: Will provide legislation on juvenile justice system
Online social status/accessibility: cynthiavillar.com.ph; e-mail CynthiaVillar@cynthiavillar.com.ph; facebook.com/Mrs.Cynthia.Villar; Twitter @Cynthia_Villar

Her stand on…
RH Law: Anti
Same-sex marriage: Anti

More on Cynthia Villar:


ZUBIRI, Juan Miguel
Aka: Migz Zubiri

Party/Coalition: United Nationalist Alliance

His youth-centric agenda on…
Education: Improve research and development of SUCs with the support of government agencies; Special Education Act—put up special education centers in DepEd school divisions; Magna Carta for Students
Human rights: Proposes No Balance Billing program—free healthcare, medical services in government hospitals and health facilities; strict implementation of Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Solid Waste Management Act
Employment: Advocates infrastructure development—modernization of agricultural facilities, maximization of under- and unused lands (has filed bill penalizing landowners who are not utilizing their lands); Magna Carta for Environment and Natural Resources Personnel (for protection and benefits of environmental workers)
Youth program: Food for School program—free breakfast and lunch for public elementary and high school students to lessen out-of-school youth
Online social status/accessibility: migzzubiri.com.ph; facebook.com/migzzubiri; Twitter @migzzubiri; Instagram @migzzubiri

His stand on…
RH Law: Anti
Same-sex marriage: Anti


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Layout: Elizalde Pusung

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  • InaRaymundo

    I can see good qualities ni Loren especially her performance na nagawa sa senate.. I will definitely vote her again..

    • Dyuwela

      Yup I believe she’ll win again,, MGanda kc mga bilss na ipinasa nya regarding Agriculture, Education, Individual Benefits especially Environment

  • AriannaDraws

    di ko boboto yan si chiz.. nasira na yan dahil kay heart..

  • Carolingling

    Dami Mgaganda achievements dito ayaw ko lang din ke chizzzcudero

    • OhDelilah

      lol me too and cayetano also matatalino nga pero gahaman sa pera mga yan

  • lafet

    I can see Cynthia Villar’s potential in the Senate.. take note libre ang Education ng public schools sa Las Pinas.. :)

    • frrewilly

      Oo nga kaya boboto ko din si cynthia villar from teampnoy

  • http://www.facebook.com/mage.valeno Mage Valeno

    Well for me Ramon Magsaysay is the most qualified among all the candidates.. Siya lang ang malinis ang Track records..

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