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A young virtuoso on the rise

ENZO Medel in action

I walked into Lorenzo (Enzo) Medel’s humble home with his concert program stuffed inside my bag. I was going to have it autographed by the winner of several prestigious competitions: the Namcya (National Music Competition for Young Artists), PTGP (Piano Teachers’ Guild of the Philippines) and the UP College of Music and National Steinway Piano Competition.

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Accepted–but not quite: LGBT youth speak


“I feel misunderstood and alone, to put it simply,” 20-year-old Youngblood says. “People talk of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) as if we were a different species, as if our sexuality was the only thing that defined us.

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Bacolod is full of sweet surprises


“If you like sweets and pastries, then you’ll love Bacolod,” a Cebu Pacific flight attendant told my 8-year-old sister Christine on our flight from Manila.

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‘We need to stay strong’


The worst is over, but the aftermath lingers. Stories of 20-meter-deep water, strong winds and incredible survival flooded the media, as more and more casualties were tallied. Property, land and livelihood were lost, but this was nothing compared to the 10,000 missing, and hundreds of thousands of homeless evacuees.

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What I learned about humanity in one hour

RALLYISTS demanding the rechanneling of pork-barrel funds to education.

This song was playing in my head as I attended my first rally. The last two verses struck me the most as I pumped my fist into the air because we, the Filipino people, are all slaves of the corrupt pork barrel system and the people behind it.

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