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Satanism at Harvard

HUNDREDS of people march from MIT to St. Paul’s Church.

The Harvard community in Cambridge, MA, was roiled in early May by the effort of a campus group to stage a Black Mass in a campus facility. An actual Black Mass involves the desecration of a consecrated host and a mockery of the Catholic Eucharistic liturgy.

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How Peñafrancia devotees survived the Battle for Manila

THE ORTIZ store in El Barato, Naga

Late in the afternoon of Feb. 3, 1945, advance elements of the US 1st Cavalry Division rolled into Japanese-defended Manila and liberated Malacañang Palace first and then Santo Tomas Internment Camp.

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Did the Japanese plan to massacre the World War II internees?


In her vivid account of the first day of Manila’s Liberation on Feb. 3, 1945, Conchita C. Razon (Inquirer, Feb. 3, 2013, page D2) writes: “There were rumors of plans to execute the internees.” How well-founded were these rumors?

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Yamashita’s guilt, Korean atrocity, other misconceptions about liberation of Manila

Collapsed Executive House (Senate)

It is the month of February again, the month in 1945 when the Japanese chose to turn our fair city into a battleground and killing ground, as Ambassador Juan José Rocha has said, leading to the death of some 100,000 noncombatant civilians, the destruction of irreparable heritage, and the near-obliteration of public utilities.

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Blood, fire and ruin remembered


Today is Friday, Feb. 3, 2012—a Day of Remembrance. Flashback to Feb. 3, 1945—a day that brings to mind the stark events of a war that begs not to be forgotten.

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