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Rocio Olbes: ‘Stick to classic looks’

CHRISTIAN Louboutin pumps, Henry electric blue python clutch, Audrey Hepburn

Designer of luxury fashion brand Henry, creative director of Arketa Philippines, model

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Violago scion lists fave hotels, shopping destinations, indulgences


“London, Paris and New York are my favorite cities, but my ultimate escape would be the south of France. It’s simply amazing!

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Jewelry designer Ann Ong: ‘I want to create pieces for women who are confident and have a mind of their own’


Travel   City: I like traveling to London, Berlin and Shanghai.   Hotel: I always patronize Marco Polo.   Museum: I get so much inspiration from the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.   Chill: Learning about different cultures, architecture and just looking at people relaxes me.   Fashion   Trademark: I wear only unique […]

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Nicole O. Jacinto: ‘Pretty as pretty does’ is good beauty lesson


Books: Anything written by Stieg Larsson (“The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” series), “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin, “Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite” by Paul Arden

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How Paris ‘Killed It’

Carlo Antonio, Hilda Antonio, Cat Antonio, Asher Antonio, Hilton, Danielle Antonio

I still can’t believe that three years have passed since I first met Paris Hilton, the international style icon who has successfully launched a career as a designer, businesswoman, recording artist and, most recently, a DJ.

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