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Impy Pilapil’s ‘Third Moon’: Sculptures of exuberant and lyrical playfulness


The marvel of the entire body of work of Impy Pilapil through over four decades is the consistency and sureness of direction, unwavering in the course that she was impelled to follow, untrammeled by sculptural styles and trends that have waylaid less determined sculptors in search of goals irrelevant to the pursuit of their art.

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Ronald Jeresano’s art uplifts ‘Falling Man’

“STONED House”

“Perhaps the most powerful image of despair at the beginning of the 21st century is not found in art or literature, or even popular music. It is found in a single photograph.” Theologian Mark D. Thompson was referring to the so-called “Falling Man,” a photograph of a man plunging headlong to his death from the burning tower of the Sept. 11 attacks in New York City. It was taken by Associated Press photographer Richard Drew.

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Jonathan Olazo cracks the whip

“DEPART Velvet”

His was an act of courage, bristling with anger and sarcasm. It was the voice of outrage, at last giving vent to a long-observed phenomenon, and in his refusal to acknowledge the death of the art that he loved most, he took up the cudgels for other artists who, while longing to get those juicy commissions, resent the subservience demanded of space, scale and chromatic specifications, working under instructions handed down by architect, engineer and interior designer.

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Cezar Arro’s iconic art

“ANDY Warhol”

What becomes a legend most? So goes a famous advertising campaign for a fashionable mink fur, Blackglama, which featured some of the most famous faces in the movie firmament, from Bette Davis down to Sophia Loren and Janet Jackson. The campaign ran for years and was proclaimed “one of the most iconic advertising campaigns in America.”

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‘Anonymous’: Behind Modesto’s dark humor

“Mirror and Face"

A classic test of a brand—whether a product, person or place—is its enduring imperviousness to change. Though the product or the person may have undergone its own organic changes, the interrogative inevitably arises: Is it perception or reality?

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