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Cezar Arro’s iconic art

“ANDY Warhol”

What becomes a legend most? So goes a famous advertising campaign for a fashionable mink fur, Blackglama, which featured some of the most famous faces in the movie firmament, from Bette Davis down to Sophia Loren and Janet Jackson. The campaign ran for years and was proclaimed “one of the most iconic advertising campaigns in America.”

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‘Anonymous’: Behind Modesto’s dark humor

“Mirror and Face"

A classic test of a brand—whether a product, person or place—is its enduring imperviousness to change. Though the product or the person may have undergone its own organic changes, the interrogative inevitably arises: Is it perception or reality?

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Minding his own

“From Levinas Toutaite et Infini.”

He possesses a quicksilver mind, grasping immediate thoughts that leap into other areas of concerns, by turns affirming and, while not denying, shading an idea with other previously unconceived ideas.

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Wilwayco’s ‘Recalibration’: Stock-taking of impressive body of work


Recalibrate: to correct a measuring process by checking or adjusting again in comparison with standard.

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Demosthenes Campos: Artist who believes in ‘style-lessness’

“DENGUE Water”

“There are no rules. That is how art is born, how breakthroughs happen. Go against the rules or ignore the rules. That is what invention is about.” Those fearless words were said by the late artist Helen Frankenthaler, who herself found her own breakthrough by pursuing the technique of Jackson Pollock, thus heralding Color Field Painting, subsequently influencing the direction of the works of other important artists such as Morris Louis and Jules Olitski.

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