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New restaurant is small in scale but big on eclectic charm

pig’s ears
with anchovy

A recent visit to the cardiologist has redirected my everyday diet into the contentment of ritual virtue: grilled fish, fresh vegetables and only water to drink.

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Manila awaits the Nobu experience

Kanji dessert

In the 1930s a German company called Ernst Letiz Optische Werke produced a small, light camera that used cinematic film to produce what were then considered tiny, tiny negatives but could be taken anywhere and used unobtrusively.

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Excellent duck confit–the fat was salacious, almost obscene, impossible to resist

THE DUCK comes with sea salt, pickles and Dijonmustard

What a difference a typeface makes. For years, Café Provençal languished on the second floor of Shangri-La Plaza’s main building, painted in the sort of pastels that look so beautiful against the backdrop of lavender and green, or the stone of Avignon and Les Baux, but which don’t quite work in the gleam and grime of an urban setting.

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Argentine resto a good find–no need to compare to La Cabrera

TOMAHAW Krib-eye
steak, 1500 grams

There is surely something nefarious afoot, with the recent string of good reviews from this often cantankerous reviewer. Is he on medication? Is he on the take? Is he being muzzled?

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Casual vibe, complex flavors

CRISP fillet with
ikura on sago

More than a few people may confuse fine dining with expensive dining. It’s true that, until recently, most fine-dining places had starched white linen tablecloths, waiters in dinner jackets and a silver candelabra; it was in these palaces that well-trained chefs at the top of their profession made their mark.

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