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‘Freestyle dining’–like eating out but staying in

500 GRAMS of prime rib

On Father’s Day this year, my family asked me what kind of dinner we should have to celebrate.

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An Ongpin food institution closes after a fire

FRIED noodles at Mañosa. NEAL OSHIMA

What keeps people loyal to a restaurant that has been going for hundreds and hundreds of years? Consistency, one would expect. Tradition. A sense of legacy. Or sheer nostalgia.   We don’t have restaurants that go back hundreds of years, because our country goes back only a few hundred years, as compared to Spain, for [...]

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Arya’s biryani, ‘dizi’ and the best lamb ‘koobideh’ in the city

Arya’s interiors

When I was growing up, the closest grocery to the house was called One-Stop, a dark place slightly larger than a sari-sari store, to which I was occasionally dispatched to buy a tin of corned beef or a bag of pan de sal.

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Perfectly cooked salmon, creative arugula-based salad with coconut ice cream

CRAFT coffee beer at Yardstick

Perhaps nothing can be more hip in food circles than craft coffee, a double shot of which is the reason I am typing very fast right now. What about craft beer? And what happens if you mix the two together?

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Why the revolutionaries ate French food in Malolos


The day the country’s founding fathers ratified Philippine independence in Malolos in 1898 seems to have been a busy one, including the stomachs of the revolutionaries.

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