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Voluptuous crabs and good old reliable Filipino food for ‘balikbayan’ season

salted egg

It’s Balikbayan season, which means, aside from an influx of See’s chocolate, squeaky white trainers and giant plastic tubs of cheese balls, the long-haul-weary Pinoys who have stepped off trans-Pacific or transcontinental flights are in search of a taste of home.

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Wagyu burger in a steamed Chinese-style bun with artisanal sake

TORO onigiri
with foie gras

The new dining place called 12/10 might just be the hardest table to get of late, though much of that difficulty comes from its own quirks. Aside from being in a slightly obscure part of Makati, it’s open only in the evenings, but not on Sundays; and, most frustrating of all, it doesn’t accept reservations.

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Restaurant group takes on the classic French bistro

STEAK tartare

The last time I ordered steak tartare in a Manila restaurant, the server asked me if I would like it rare, medium, or well-done. I have not been back to that restaurant, not because of the understandable gaffe of new waitstaff of a newly opened restaurant, but because the steak tartare, as well as most of the meal, could barely pass muster as French food—or, for that matter, as food.

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Turkey may be good, but real wagyu is so much better

WAGYU sirloin on black stone grill

Thanksgiving is a curious American holiday if you think about it, with the President pardoning a turkey and families burning jet fuel to get together to eat an extremely difficult to cook bird with a sweet sauce and a pie made from a normally savory vegetable.

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New restaurant is small in scale but big on eclectic charm

pig’s ears
with anchovy

A recent visit to the cardiologist has redirected my everyday diet into the contentment of ritual virtue: grilled fish, fresh vegetables and only water to drink.

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