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‘Rite of Passage’ is a young man’s journey worth keeping company with


“Rite of Passage,” written by Glenn Sevilla Mas, is more than just a typical teenager’s coming-of-age story. It is a quest for survival and sanity when no help is within sight. It is an agonizing education into life’s harsh realities, and a deliberation on whether or not a next step is even possible.

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A starry, spectacular beginning for The Theatre at Solaire


There are theater venues, and there are theater venues. And while the typical stage or concert venue remains a mere element of the actual performance—a location, if you will—to the audience, it can make or break what’s happening right before them.

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Gantimpala’s ‘El Filibusterismo’– lean-and-mean revenge tale with haunting questions

as Don

The message was ominous, the tone ruthless, but the one speaking it left nothing ambiguous. To paraphrase in English: “Kill every last man who does not join us: Spanish, mestizo, Chinese, Filipino. Do not make any distinction. Cowardly fathers will only breed whining sons. The race must be made pure.”

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Tom Cruise to MiG Ayesa in ‘Rock of Ages’: ‘I hope I live up to what you do’

“STACEE is the rock star I want to be,” says MiG Ayesa (left) on his character

It was the enviable stories of a college classmate who, as an actor for commercials, was earning a hundred times more than he did that lured MiG Ayesa into the world of theater.

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Somber and thoughtful, if less than truly powerful

SCENE from
“Pahimakas sa
Isang Ahente,”
directed by
Chris Millado

Tanghalang Pilipino’s “Pahimakas sa Isang Ahente” has got to be one of the longest straight (meaning nonmusical) staged dramas in recent history. Clocking at nearly four hours, it’s a bittersweet tale of a once charismatic and perpetually optimistic man on the verge of losing his dreams, his soul and his family (in a manner of speaking).

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