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‘Spare the rod’ bill goes to House floor for debates


A proposed law advancing a policy of “sparing the rod” has been approved by the committee on children’s welfare in the House of Representatives.

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Lost heritage: Old Ivatan houses going


Simeon Hostallero counts himself as one of the obstacles to the dream of Batanes province to be recognized as a World Heritage Site for its famed stone houses here.

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Boom and bane in Batanes, now storm-free for past 10 years

PASTORAL IDYLL.  Perched atop the rolling hills of Basco, Batanes, the country-styled Fundacion Pacita Batanes Nature Lodge is a great place to relax and unwind, and commands an unobstructed view of the Pacific Ocean. It is named after one of the Philippines’ best-known painters, the late Pacita Abad, who was a native of Batanes. EDWIN BACASMAS

Storms have become a shy visitor in Batanes province in the past decade—an oddity believed to be due to climate change, which is slowly transforming the face of this island chain and its people.

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No tourist draw, Malang the croc will remain wild

LARGEST FRESHWATER CROC “Malang,” a Philippine freshwater crocodile caught by fishermen in M’lang,North Cotabato province, is believed the largest of its kind in captivity. INQUIRER MINDANAO FILE PHOTO

The crocodile named Malang will no longer be a tourist attraction.

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Cages no place for tarsiers, birds

‘LOST IN THE CITY’  Tarsier found at the Manila Golf Club stares at the camera from inside the cardboard box where it  stayed until wildlife officials took it away. RAFFY LERMA

Tarsiers and forest birds might make for cute and cuddly pets, but they do not belong in a cage, Environment Secretary Ramon Paje warned during this week’s celebration of World Wildlife Day.

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