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Married man wants to end his affair


I am a married over 50-year-old professional with two grown-up kids and a good paying job in the Middle East. I’ve been an OFW for almost 24 years and have been involved in a few flings with non-Filipinos.

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Harassed by an angry wife


My wife and I are both OFWs. We are now in the process of annulling our marriage. My wife got very angry when she saw photographs of me and a particular woman on Facebook. She is a neighbor in the building I live in and we have pictures partying together.

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A wife–and in-laws–from hell


I have a small but growing business. I started it all by myself, despite my wife’s mocking words—“You’ll never make it!”—roaring in my ears from Day One.

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After online affair, married man says he’s learned his lesson


I am a happily married man with a daughter and a very understanding and loving wife. Despite this, I hooked up online with a separated woman.

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Does he like me, or is he just being friendly?


I am past 30, and I’ve never had a romantic relationship. Coming from a conservative family, I never had the chance to mingle with men other than my close relatives.

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