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She’s stuck with burdensome relatives


I’m 36 years old and still single. When my mom died when I was six years old, she had a budding business which her sister inherited. My brother and I were brought up by my father in his father’s house, then moved to an uncle’s house, and finally to my aunt’s house.

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Her brother is a bum


This concerns our only brother, who is already 50 years old and still a problem in our family. I am the eldest of five siblings, and both our parents have passed on.

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Her parents are against her jobless BF


I’m half-Chinese, and we still have this tradition of parents interfering in their children’s relationships.

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How to tell if a guy likes a girl, and vice versa?


How will we know if a guy likes a girl and vice versa? Is it also possible for the guy to be in denial—meaning, he’d be mean to the object of his desire, despite what his own body language says?

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What to do with a philandering husband and his long-distance affair?


I’m a 55-year-old woman—married in the past 30 years, still employed and a grandmother. My problem is my husband. While we were just getting to know each other, he had a relationship with someone else. My parents were against him in the beginning because he has been a diabetic since he was three and feared I would only be taking care of him all my life.

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