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Children reject widower’s new love, think she’s after dad’s assets


I am 79 years old and a widower for the past four. The first two years were unbearable. I have four children, all professionals who have families of their own. Two are in the US, the other two are staying not far from me.

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Don’t rush her, she’s not ready yet for another commitment


I am 29 years old, separated since last year and processing my annulment. As I moved on, I met a neighbor who is also separated, has a child and undergoing her own annulment. We started talking and became friends last year.

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Is lying to keep the family together ever justified?


For the most part, I agree with the advice you give. However, I must disagree when, sometime ago, you suggested to “let sleeping dogs lie” in answer to the question whether a parent should admit to an infidelity. Likewise, you advised another letter writer to keep the news of her affair with a younger man a secret from her husband.

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Feeling desperate for romance–at age 23


My main problem is why I am still single. I am 23 years old, gay, chubby, tall and fair, though not a stunningly good-looking person.

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His mother is having an affair with the driver


I’m 29, single and the fourth of six siblings. I was a public-school teacher, and am now working abroad for almost four years, the breadwinner of the family.

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