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These spa treatments are perfect for summer

SEAWEED body wrap can help detoxify and make skin look more supple and slimmer.

With various services offered by spas, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, and sometimes confused, over which one best suits you.

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Nothing beats a heat pack for aches and pains


More and more people these days are becoming susceptible to body aches and pains. Gone are the days when these discomforts were mere signs of aging. Studies show that constant physical and mental stress can actually cause unwanted pain in different parts of the body.

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The rise of the medi-spa


The spa and wellness industry continues to evolve with each passing year.

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Drink your veggies

JUICING is best prepared with a good and reliable juicer.

We can never outgrow our need for vegetables. Truth be told, not everyone is fond of eating these foods, so they are missing out on certain nutrients needed to stay fit and healthy. But drinking your veggies is an entirely different story.

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Relaxing with a bamboo stick

THE BAMBOO cane replaces the hands of the therapist. The cane is held by the therapist and rolled over the muscle with the same strokes they would use with their hands.

The spa world never runs out of creative yet effective ways to ease a tired body and soothe a weary soul. The art of massage has seen several modifications over the years—from applying balmy concoctions to employing various natural materials—in order to provide an hour or two of blissful relaxation. And one of these massage tools from nature is slowly yet surely finding its way into the must-try list among spaholics.

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