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Losing my best friend


He wasn’t anything special. He didn’t have bright eyes or beautiful hair, or incredibly soft skin. He didn’t play an instrument or sing; he wasn’t particularly intelligent.

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Making the most of your 365 days


It’s no surprise that a majority of us fervently wish for a more thrilling life, one with adventure at every turn, with every single day as unpredictable and astounding as the next. It may sound exhausting, but it also seems a lot more fulfilling and rewarding than living life in a routine manner.

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A tribute to mothers’ unconditional love


It’s a given that mothers represent unconditional love, care and illumination. Whenever our lives become dark, cloudy and seemingly meaningless, we run to our mothers for guidance, because they’ve experienced most of the things we are going through, or will be going through in the future.

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Prom: not just another party


I can’t explain how I feel about prom. Some people may say positive things about it, while others respond to it with pessimism. Some friends even tell me they find it useless, overpriced and overrated.

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Friends and ships


One of the most painful things a person could ever experience would be to lose a friend. It could be a close friend, a special friend, or even a distant friend. It feels strange and difficult to let go of someone who used to be there for you. Losing a friend probably feels like a […]

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