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The right way to make a DIY tank top


You probably want to read this before you turn your T-shirt into a backless tank top. I have received quite a number of requests for this tutorial, and few of them came with photos of how it went wrong. Get a hold of your scissors and behold, the truth about DIY tank tops!

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Cufflinks in a blink!


Whether you’re in need of inexpensive cufflinks, broke a pair, or are simply broke and don’t know what to get your father for a special occasion, here’s a simple and express DIY for you! Keep your eyes open, this one is going to be quick. Let’s get started!

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Rockin’ stud


After studded shoes and studded bags come studded belts and, now, studded caps.

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DIY: Contrast shorts


Add a little surprise—a pop of color—when you fold your shorts up. Here’s how you do this. Let’s keep those hands busy!

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Dye hard: Bow-tie with a vengeance

t0817Y-dye hard_feat5_2

A bow tie is used to hold the opening of a man’s shirt. These days, it is mostly used as a tool of function and fashion by guys and fashion-forward girls.

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