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Model moms come up with handy book for new parents


Becoming a new mother is a daunting experience. For me it was knowing where to get things or knowing about the right places to take your kids—be it doctors or play gyms.

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Blast that mummy tummy away–without leaving your home

ADVANCED lipocavitation

After I slaved away at the beginning of the year to get beach body-ready, all I want to do now is sleep, eat ramen and not work out. Having babies takes a toll on your body as it expands and changes, and getting older with each baby makes the slimming process all the more challenging.

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I’m a wannabe ‘Sige Mom’

CARMINA Villaroel with Mavie and Cassie

My husband and I have recently started taking “yaya-less” vacations in a move that would help us invest more time in our children. It’s almost a paradox since most people’s main concern before a baby is born is to find a suitable nanny, then at some point realize that their children respond only to the nanny and not the parents.

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The best shoes for growing feet


I love shoes—shoes for me, shoes for my husband and now I’m extending my love for shoes to my children.

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Interior designer Nix Alañon’s PhoeNix Home offers hard-to-find, beautiful accent pieces

SALA setup is made interesting by Nix’s use of different textures and unexpected groupings. PHOTOS BY ALANAH TORRALBA

Decorating my home is an ongoing project. Paintings and pieces of furniture get swapped on almost a weekly basis. I realize that having children does not mean that one has to baby-proof the house; it only means that you can make things more interesting for them to look at.

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