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Alleluia! Handel and Vivienne Westwood do mix in Sidney festival

PERFORMERS in a Sydney production of “Semele’s Walk,” which combines Handel’s Baroque opera with the clothing of British designer Vivienne Westwood.

When Georg Friedrich Handel composed “Semele” in the 1740s, he could never have imagined it would be performed by opera singers in outrageous catwalk couture, including towering boots and sequined kilts.

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Australian shoppers scared to spend despite boom

Shoppers walk past a sale sign in the main shopping precinct of central Sydney on June 29, 2012. As Prime Minister Julia Gillard's government often says, Australia's economy is growing faster than most similar advanced economies thanks to strong demand for its mineral riches from neighbouring Asia. But it is a two-speed economy with mining doing well but areas like retail and manufacturing suffering. The hard-hit shopping sector says the "bounce" has mostly bypassed retailers, with businesses forced to repeatedly cut into margins and discount stock to entice people to part with their money. AFP  / GREG WOOD

Australian retailer Peter Birtles has a shopper he loves to see walk into his store – he calls him ‘Barry’ and he’s a mine worker who enjoys his high-performance car, fishing and going to the gym.

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