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A resident’s guide to binge weekends in Singapore

THENIGHT time view of the
Central Business District from
Marina Bay Sands

More and more Filipinos are making Singapore their long-weekend-away choice destination, thanks to its relative proximity, the vast eating and shopping choices it offers, and more recently and more importantly, the number of budget airlines that now fly to the Lion City.

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Why my 5-year-old son plays doorman

“MY SON has aWii, a Kinect, an iPad, a Mini...I think it’s insane.”

I still remember when watching TV was a treat. That was in the early 1980s, when I was in grade school. Today, watching TV is something my 5-year-old preschooler takes for granted.

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When bad ‘yayas’ happen to good people


Two weeks ago, I was stunned to read on ABS-CBN’s website about a yaya who had been named and shamed for abusing a three-month-old child.

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An expat’s ‘wife-trepreneur’s’ bright idea is fast catching on

ONE OF Rosa Clara’s timeless and classic gowns

The expat life may sound exciting to most, but to trailing spouses, the thought of giving up one’s career and comfort zone is daunting. There are those, however, who have managed this life change well—and one of those is cross-border “wife-trepreneur” Valerie Villar Zayco.

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A personalized storybook makes a perfect gift for your child

ONE of the Look It’s About Me books: “The Great Space Race”

Christmas may have come and gone, but the enjoyment of receiving personalized presents remains a year-round treat for everyone, especially children.

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