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Star dim sum place with unusual offerings


This new restaurant has a very unorthodox policy that could drive away diners who are not tolerant or very hungry.

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Rediscovering Iberian food at an old favorite


This diner often revisits restaurants, basically to check if the quality of food and service has improved or deteriorated. And, always anxious for new eating places, we are forever on the lookout for discoveries offering exciting dining experiences.

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Traditional Filipino fare served two different ways


Two restaurants, visited within the last fortnight, presented traditional Filipino food. The difference is that each one had a different stroke in producing and serving traditional food: One was geared toward the more sophisticated diners in Makati; the other served comfort food using an old cooking technique.

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What is Wholesome?


Merriam Webster defines “wholesome” as something that is good for one’s health. Then a question nags at the mind, “Do we eat to live or live to eat?” Does all the food one takes make for a healthy body?

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Old and new favorites at Jade Garden


From the 1990s to early 2000s, this restaurant was a favorite place for Peking duck and a selection of Cantonese dishes. It went into a hiatus for eight years when Glorietta was renovated.

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