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What is Wholesome?


Merriam Webster defines “wholesome” as something that is good for one’s health. Then a question nags at the mind, “Do we eat to live or live to eat?” Does all the food one takes make for a healthy body?

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Old and new favorites at Jade Garden


From the 1990s to early 2000s, this restaurant was a favorite place for Peking duck and a selection of Cantonese dishes. It went into a hiatus for eight years when Glorietta was renovated.

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Oldie but goodie buffet; Filipino faves with a twist


The two restaurants this diner visited over the last two weekends both offer Filipino food. One we would tag as an “oldie but goodie,” the other we would call a new discovery. Both have their own interpretations of traditional dishes that satisfy our palate.

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A strong vote for Filipino food


Gisa(sauté), kulob (cover), pakuluan (slow cook by continuous boiling) are three of the techniques of Filipino cookery said to be derived from the ancients.

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More than a dozen types of ‘tonkatsu’? Believe it


The bistro chain of restaurants is extensive, each dining place offering a different cuisine. The chain seems to reap more success, as diners flock to its outlets. A visit to one over the weekend showed table turnover going thrice.   Tonkatsu   Nuvali, Sta. Rosa City, Laguna; tel. 5026550   If diners do not come […]

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