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Oldie but goodie buffet; Filipino faves with a twist


The two restaurants this diner visited over the last two weekends both offer Filipino food. One we would tag as an “oldie but goodie,” the other we would call a new discovery. Both have their own interpretations of traditional dishes that satisfy our palate.

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A strong vote for Filipino food


Gisa(sauté), kulob (cover), pakuluan (slow cook by continuous boiling) are three of the techniques of Filipino cookery said to be derived from the ancients.

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More than a dozen types of ‘tonkatsu’? Believe it


The bistro chain of restaurants is extensive, each dining place offering a different cuisine. The chain seems to reap more success, as diners flock to its outlets. A visit to one over the weekend showed table turnover going thrice.   Tonkatsu   Nuvali, Sta. Rosa City, Laguna; tel. 5026550   If diners do not come […]

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This Japanese resto made us forget tempura for other tempting dishes


Two restaurants we visited within the last two weeks offered Wagyu and Angus Beef in different ways. One probably started as a sweets shop but has become a full-service restaurant. In another part of town, a Japanese restaurant’s menu totally made us ignore the usual tempura as we went through a unique array of delectable food.

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Black Pig: A pleasurable discovery


The week that passed afforded us to discover a new restaurant with a distinctive menu and a unique name that would make one wonder why it has been given that term.

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