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2 young men break out of the mold to say they love–and teach–dancing


In a culture that hails machismo as an asset, in an art form predominantly peopled by females, it is seldom to chance upon young males who declare their intent to pursue dance for the plain and simple reason that they like it.

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Two artists share a view of the trees

“SEPIA Tree,” by Alex Van Hagen

I think that I shall never see, a poem lovely as a tree…” Joyce Kilmer’s verse could easily be attributed to Alex van Hagen, whose romanced vision with trees would take him outdoors for hours, in any season, seeing them from a perspective only a nature lover could fathom, through the limited vision of his camera’s eye.

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‘Giselle’: Stella Abrera’s Philippine debut amidst two storms

and James Whiteside
in Ballet Philippines’

A ballet classic like “Giselle” is always a curiosity to watch, if only to compare the past Giselles one has seen to the new one.

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Agnes Locsin’s ‘La Rev’ now a classic

MABINI and Aguinaldo at the Malolos Congress

An Agnes Locsin piece is all about ensemble. It is a moving tapestry of various emotions occurring at the same time, painting a full picture, according to the choreographer’s vision, of the narrative all at once, forcing the spectator to pan his eyes from stage right to left so as not to miss a single nuance.

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Welcome to Sofia Elizalde’s dance dream come true

SOFIA Zobel-Elizalde

A few blocks away from where mini-skirted, dusky, long-haired ladies in platformed stilettoes stroll hand-in-hand with foreign men in Birkenstocks and cargo shorts, and a corner away from a bar that features midget boxing, karaoke joints offering foot massages on the side, and cafés that serve Lonely Planet meals and drinks, has risen a glass-and-concrete building with a lofty but realistic purpose of training young would-be dancers in ballet, an art form that is perceived by a majority to be elitist.

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