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Agnes Locsin’s ‘La Rev’ now a classic

MABINI and Aguinaldo at the Malolos Congress

An Agnes Locsin piece is all about ensemble. It is a moving tapestry of various emotions occurring at the same time, painting a full picture, according to the choreographer’s vision, of the narrative all at once, forcing the spectator to pan his eyes from stage right to left so as not to miss a single nuance.

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Welcome to Sofia Elizalde’s dance dream come true

SOFIA Zobel-Elizalde

A few blocks away from where mini-skirted, dusky, long-haired ladies in platformed stilettoes stroll hand-in-hand with foreign men in Birkenstocks and cargo shorts, and a corner away from a bar that features midget boxing, karaoke joints offering foot massages on the side, and cafés that serve Lonely Planet meals and drinks, has risen a glass-and-concrete building with a lofty but realistic purpose of training young would-be dancers in ballet, an art form that is perceived by a majority to be elitist.

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Quezon City hosts Heritage Summit 2013

ADAPTIVE reuse can salvage old or damaged structures.

The Heritage Conservation Society (HCS) Summit 2013 will be held in Quezon City on Nov. 9. Theme is “Heritage and Real Estate Development.” Objective is to discuss the current state of heritage preservation and the best practices of adaptive reuse in the Philippines and Asia.

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Philippine Youth Symphonic Band carries on the jazz torch

IRENE Marcos Araneta, chair of Young Musicians Development Organization, with the Philippine Youth Symphonic Band

This year, the Philippine Youth Symphonic Band’s annual concert, “Discovering Jazz with the PYSB,” is set once more to prove that more than its vision of “livelihood through music,” loving what it does enhances the quality of its art.

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Groovy crowd go ‘chu-chu-ing’ to grooves of ‘Greatest Hits Reunion’

FIVE of Circus Band’s surviving members—Tillie, Basil, Pat, Hajji, Jacqui—have had successful solo careers.

From the footwear of the crowd whose queue ended beyond the iron-grille gate of the PICC, then traversing past the walkway connecting the entrance lobby to the performance hall, one could discern that this audience was of a benevolent age.

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