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Don’t do your children’s homework for them


Homework. Just when I thought it was all over and I had put those long torturous hours behind me, they’re back, and with a vengeance! I now realize that doing your own homework, while difficult and tiring, is nothing compared to helping your young child with the simplest and easiest worksheets!

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Investing in a new appliance has its rewards


Some friends proudly told me recently they had a 10-year-old refrigerator that was very much in good working condition. At the same time, they complained about their high electricity bills.

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Hubby throws birthday bash for well-loved spouse

MAURICE Arcache, Ruffa Gutierrez; Fila’s Cris Albert and Ruffa’s constant escort Jourdan Mouyal

This gathering of our town’s namedroppables was definitely the birthday bash of the week for our vivaciously adorable Small Eduardo Laude who has just jetted in from a relaxing famille vacation in Los Angeles. Her husband, well-respected business magnate Philip Laude, threw an elegant dinner bash for his wife at People’s Palace in Greenbelt 3.

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Clean your mattress naturally

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The hot and dry summer has come and gone to make way for more rainy days and overcast skies. Before the dust settles and mixes with dampness in the air, it’s always a good idea to clean our mattresses and cushions to avoid potential breeding grounds for mites and other mysterious, harmful insects and bacteria.

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The healing power of suggestion


The ability of the human mind to affect health and wellbeing has been known since ancient times, from Apollonius of Tyana in the first century AD to Carl Jung in the 20th century.

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