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I own a hedgehog, or is it the other way around?

BRUNO is amaster napper and,
left, meeting the author’s brother

The first thing you need to know about owning a hedgehog is that you don’t really own your hedgehog—in fact, on most days, it will feel like your hedgehog owns you.

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Milo Naval’s Binalot Chair


Furniture designer Milo Naval is in a phase in his career when design bears a social conscience—and wit.

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If these stones could talk

WILD ducks owned by a Malaysian collector.

Suiseki is a Japanese word which means water (sui) and stones (seki). It is derived from the word sansui-seki, which means stone with a total landscape or scenery, or depiction of an object, such as animal, plant, popular person or figure and the like. It originated in China and was introduced in Japan by the Buddhist monks in the 15th century.

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The healing power of flowers

WILD iris is said to connect to the

Michael, an American businessman, went to chiropractor-physician, homeopath and botanist Brent Davis, complaining about tensions in the shoulder, neck and jaw and sleepless nights. Instead of adjusting the bones and the spine, Davis, a proponent of floral remedies, realigned his energies.   Michael revealed that in the past two months, he had a falling out […]

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Fatty liver now an epidemic


Except for the time Boy Abunda was diagnosed with liver abscess that required him to undergo surgery and to take weeks off from his hosting duties on “The Buzz” and “Aquino and Abunda Tonight,” little attention has been given to this hardworking yet often neglected organ.

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