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Salty-sour chicken pork ‘adobo,’ paired with ‘patis-calamansi’ dip

CHICKEN and Pork Adobo with Chicken Liver and Quail Eggs

She didn’t know how to cook until she got married, which was quite surprising for a true-blue Kapampangan. But, as soon as she tried her hand in the kitchen, there was no stopping Isabelita “Ningning” de Ocampo from whipping up delicious meals for her family.

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Pork trotters ‘adobo’–the quintessential Pinoy dish given the French touch

SIMMER pork trotters over low flame for five hours until meat is tender and juicy. ANDREW TADALAN

Who says adobo can never be classy and served with sophistication?

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‘Adobong bagnet’ with ‘sugpo at taba ng talangka’–aka please be careful with your heart

TOO-rich and too-intense Adobong Bagnet with Prawns and Crab Fat

He first visualized the taste in his mind, then the look on the plate. Next, Boni Pimentel blended spices for that lingering aftertaste. Then he went to work.

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The secret to this hit ‘adobong alimango’ and its finger-licking sauce

MILA Banzon’s Adobong Alimango.  PHOTO BY

In cooking Adobong Alimango, Mila Aquende Banzon shares the secret of its finger-licking sauce—garlic, lots and lots of garlic.   She uses about six to seven bulbs of garlic for every two to three large pieces of crabs.   The heady aroma and taste of sweet garlic, plus the salty-than-sour flavor of her adobo, seep […]

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She whips up ‘adobo’ with coconut milk, ‘adobo’ flakes, twice-cooked ‘adobo’–even ‘adobo’ with ketchup

Adobo Flakes

She doesn’t miss a week without cooking adobo in the house. Whether it’s adobo with coconut milk or adobo with ketchup or adobo flakes or twice-cooked adobo, Offie Quiazon Benavides makes sure she serves the family’s comfort food on a regular basis.

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