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Femme Fiction

NO LOST TIME: Nikki Alfar writes as she pleases. INQUIRER /Alanah Torralba

EVERYTHING about Nikki Alfar is big. She’s physically tall, brassy and loud. She smokes a lot. Her voice booms. Her spoken sentences are rigged with exclamations, profanities and laughter.

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Building worlds with David Hontiveros


You can find a lot of things crammed inside David Hontiveros’ head. His cranium holds worlds within worlds, the past and the future, the divine and the cursed, technology and magic. Perhaps no other Filipino writer has built a career so heavily immersed in genre writing: horror, science fiction, fantasy and comic books. He lives in a universe that he helped create.

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What (comic book) Dreams May Come

CATMAN: Malonzo and his Persian cat, one of the seven that has run of his place

Imagine having a dream that has chased you since childhood: a four-color vision of panels and figures, of endless Fridays full of delight. Imagine wanting to do this more than anything.

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Found in translation

NEW EDITION: Precious Pages’ Edith Garcia and Jun Matias. KIMBERLY DE LA CRUZ

Wherever he went, Segundo “Jun” Matias Jr. couldn’t help but notice how he could easily find local translations of international bestsellers.

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The (Literary) agent’s life

PDI Photo/Alanah Torralba

Growing up surrounded by books, Andrea Pasion-Flores seemed destined to work with books. What was perhaps unexpected was just how deeply involved she was going to be in the field. The award-winning fictionist and currently the only Filipino literary agent has been making literature as well as representing it.

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