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EENT specialist Ramon Juan Hidalgo Ongsiako maintains a stylish look in and out of the clinic
RAMON JUAN HIDALGO ONGSIAKO IS the son of renowned EENT doctor, Ting Ongsiako. Growing up, he would always hear his father talking about how patients should be treated, how their emotional welfare was just as important as their physical well-being, that emphasis should also be placed on how you made a person feel.

His father would always tell Jay that he is primarily a physician before he is a specialist. He also taught Jay to think that no matter how poor the prognosis may be, ?do what you think will most relieve him (the patient) physically and mentally.? This is the philosophy of treatment that Jay carries on in his own medical practice today.

In his early years of training, Jay apprenticed under another great physician, Dr. Ariston Bautista. Today, Jay heads the Makati Medical Center?s ENT Head and Neck Surgery Training Program. His subspecialty is on maxillofacial surgery (facial bone fractures and soft facial tissue surgeries). With a medical practice at MMC, San Juan Medical Center and Seaman?s Hospital, Jay realizes that he needs to balance his demanding profession with hobbies or activities that relax and recharge him.

Jay took up boxing at age nine, and continued to train the next 30 years with his trainer, Al, a retired bantamweight Philippine champion, who ranked fourth in the World Boxing Association during his prime.

Jay looked up to Al and treated him like a second father, aptly describing the relationship as one like that of Mr. Miyagi and the Karate Kid?s in the movie.

Sadly, Al has passed on, but to this day Jay still goes through his training routine of skipping rope, shadow boxing and hitting the speedball and hard bag. Thrice a week, he also bikes and runs.

Unwinding musically

The doctor also enjoys singing, and plays the piano oido. His favorite group? The Beatles!

But the best form of unwinding for him is spending time with his family. He finds himself still in awe of his two sons and is happiest when he is with them. Jay has a sense of humor and loves to laugh with them. For him, a daily dose of laughter is something he would prescribe to everyone.

Jay?s ?trademark? is his salt-and-pepper shoulder-length hair that complements his athletic carriage and youthful appearance. Beneath that, however, lies an old soul that has a penchant for good, old-fashioned classics.

If he had to dress up and forego rugged jeans, he will insist on a bow tie, in a nod to Humphrey Bogart, since Bogey is one actor he really admires.

Forest green, silver-studded polo with classic flat-front pants fit the old soul to a T. Casual cargos with sweats make up his everyday attire. Washed jeans and a striped polo provide the comfort he needs. The purple cable knit falls perfect on his lean torso.