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Geomancy can make you fashion-lucky
FENG SHUI authority Maritess Allen says the right fashion look compatible to your personality will enhance your powers to find and keep a lover, do better in business and always look younger.

Allen says, first, you must find out what season you are born in. A Winter person, for example, shines bright this Christmas as she is the only one who can wear primary colors; she owns the shades of red and bright pink as lipstick.

Allen says we must find the right foundation first and foremost, then always match our lipstick with our face and not our attire. Straight or curly hairstyles, again, depends on your season. Certain colors, such as pastel sorbets for the Summer woman, and metallic and dark violets and maroons for the Autumn lady, can make or break your overall image before investors or business partners. It?s all about enhancing the best in your natural beauty.

Here in this exclusive PDI shoot is Maritess Allen modeling the best looks from Stores Specialists Inc. luxury brands?Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo and Burberry. Maritess, mind you, is a Winter person. Also here are some words of advice from the feng shui fashionista.

The fashion industry uses hundreds of colors, of which around 60 to 80 can be really comprehended by the human eye. Scientifically there are 10,000 color palettes.

We will always look good in certain palettes of colors. There are colors which can attract good luck in love, marriage, business and prosperity.

Once we wear our favorable elemental colors, designs, prints or shades, they will blend with our own personal elemental characteristic and we look more gorgeous: our skin will look more enhanced, and we look more radiant than ever.

We then emanate positive energy and draw special people into our hearts.

A feng shui expert draws the chart of a person, analyzing his favorable colors, which may be similar to the color analysis that the skin specialist does.

For the rest of the autumn months, we must know our individual ?palette of colors.? This has nothing to do with different colors offered to us by the fashion industry during Autumn (September-November), Winter (December-February), Spring (March-May) and Summer (June-August) seasons.

One common mistake that women believe is that it is a must for us to always have that ?little black dress? in our closets. Not everyone can look good in a black dress. At some point, several makeup artists often ask their clients what color of dress/gown they are going to wear so they can do their makeup properly. This should not be the case. We must wear our makeup to match our face, not our dress.

Lipstick is something that a woman may botch. Some women collect 20-30 lipsticks because they try to match them with the clothes they wear. But again, use lipstick that will match your face.

In the same manner, if you use the right foundation, it will make you look younger and more radiant: the blemishes, gone!

On the contrary, if you use the wrong foundation, it will make your skin uneven and make you look older.

Do not match your lipstick with your clothes but with your face. Once you know your color, stick to it.

Celebrity examples

The Autumn person consists of the likes of Shirley MacLaine and Halle Berry. They are natural, innocent, soft-hearted. Favorable colors are brown, yellow, orange and tomato red.

Hair: They will look good in curly hair. They will not look good with straight hair.

Lipstick color: They will look marvelous in orangey or bronze colors.

Dress design: They prefer wearing softer fuzzy, melangie pattern.

The Summer person is exemplified by the likes of Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Alec Baldwin, Cameron Diaz. Cool and sensitive. Favorable colors are pastel blue, pastel pink, lavender, soft and pastel colors.

So, imagine Angelina Jolie wearing jet black hair; it does not suit her well. Summer person doesn?t look good in brownish, strong yellow orange or jet black colors.

Hair: Soft curls

Lipstick: Salmon pink

Design: Simple, straight lines

The spring person may be the likes of Kate Winslet and Marilyn Monroe?bright, vibrant, fearless.

Favorable colors for them are apple green, chicken yellow and coral pink.

Hair: Beautiful soft curls are lucky for them.

Lipstick: Beige pink or coral (salmon pink)

Design : Round frills


The Winter person is much like Elizabeth Taylor, Princess Caroline of Monaco, Sandra Bullock, Demi Moore, Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Aniston. They are believed to have colorful character.

Hair: Straight hair

Lipstick: They are the only ones who can wear two colors, such as bright red and pink.

Design: Stripe or sharp pattern

Some persons are a cross between Winter and Summer; they can look good in several colors. It is quite important to consult an expert regarding your color palette to save time and money.