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French-Filipina artist Oliviia d?Aboville keeps it simple
DESPITE THE many handbags a woman may own, there are usually only two that are most important in her life?the one she desires, and the one she most frequently uses. Twenty-four-year-old French-Filipina artist Olivia d?Aboville happily shares the contents of her everyday leather traveler?s bag.

Fashion philosophy: I love things that make me feel comfortable.

Handbag style: Vintage

Her choice of bag for the day: Leather traveler?s bag

What she loves about this bag: Genuine leather is my favorite material for bags.

What?s in her bag:

Leather wallet from Mango

Cell phone

Little notebook and pen??I write all sorts of things, from todo lists to ideas and inspirations?

USB key??Always handy to have?

Aveeno Cream??This would be my daily moisturizer?

Facial tissue

House keys