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Sandara Park is the face of Korean beauty brand Etude
IN THESE trying times, thinking positive and surrounding ourselves with people we love is essential. One thing I am looking forward to is giving birth. This is so because a baby brings hope and joy to everyone.

Another thing I am looking forward to is having a baby and having my baby?s photos shot by the Stork Studio.

I regret that with my first two babies, I was too scared to bring them around until they were at least three months old. That?s the reason why my boys had photos from Stork Studio much later.

To be honest, I had had my kids photographed by several studios, but I was not happy with their services. First they didn?t give CD copies of the photo, which means if I wanted a copy I had to go to them?and they would charge a ridiculous price. Second, they charged a joining fee. I feel they were taking advantage of parents.

With Stork Studio, not only do the pictures come out great, but the whole experience is very pleasant. I can bring home the CD and have the photos recopied as much as I want. In fact, for the past Christmases, I?ve been using the photos for our family cards.

I try to take the babies every three months to Stork Studio; when they turn a year old, I take them there once a year.

Friends who go to the shop have no complaints.

Stork Studio also does wonderful shots of pregnant moms. Although I must admit I haven?t mastered the courage to do this with my earlier pregnancies, I am seriously thinking about having it done now.

Sofia Genato and Stanley Ong make up Stork Studio. They are professional photographers specializing in children, family and maternity photography. They are pioneers in newborn photography in the country.

Genato and Ong recently bagged the first and second prizes for their maternity photographs at the National Association for Professional Child Photographers, USA International Imaging Competition. They?re the first Filipinos?and Asians?to win the awards.

For bookings, check out; Facebook:; Twitter: storkstudio; e-mail

Etude and Sandara

Etude is a French word which means ?to study.? Now, it is also the name for a makeup brand whose product lines are affordable and well-packaged.

With other members of the press, I visited the Etude House. Its newest collection for this season is Miss Tangerine, modeled by no other than Sandara Park.

We all had some makeup lessons using the new collection and it was a refreshing change to the makeup we are used to putting on ourselves.

Once in a while, it is good to try different colors and looks. We will never know what will suit us unless we try. Here are the three looks from Etude you can do on yourself. Together, let us study these looks and discover what works for us.

Editor?s fave Etude products

I love Etude House?s BB Magic Cream because it gives my makeup a pearlized and luminous finish. It adds a certain glow to the face and hides blemishes as well.?Peewee Reyes-Isidro, EIC, Meg magazine

My favorite Etude House product is MiniMe Ms. Hot Perfume Mint because its tropical fruity scent brings me back to a happy place: the beach!?Beverly Dalton, managing editor, Blush magazine

My favorite Etude product is the Proof 10 brush brow because it fills my brows with the right amount of color without making it look too dark, unlike othet brow fillers. And it?s also perfect for our humid weather because it stays on the whole day.?Cindy Go, Beauty editor, Preview

I?m no beauty junkie, but I discovered so many things to love about Etude House. At the top of my list is their AC Clinic Pink Powder Spot. This overnight treatment works wonders on a nasty zit by effectively drying it up! I also like their cheek blush that comes with a built-in sponge applicator, which makes it so easy to apply: You just ?stamp? it onto the cheeks and spread evenly.?Mia Fausto-Cruz, EIC, Smart Parenting