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1. SWATCH Zebra watches were launched March 2011.
2. Swatch New Gent Colored Collection is the newest line to be launched on April 1.
Zebra trivia:
No animal has a more distinctive coat than the zebra.
No two are exactly alike.
Stripes help zebras recognize one another.
Zebras are social animals that spend time in herds.
Zebras have excellent eyesight. They can see in color.
Zebras communicate through their ears. Their ears signify their mood: When they?re calm, tense or friendly, ears stand erect; when they?re frightened, ears are pushed forward; and when they?re angry, ears are pulled back.
It?s not black. It?s not white. It?s black and white.
It?s not a horse. It?s not a mule. It?s not a donkey. It?s a zebra.