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Summer is fun! But you may not have the right beauty products to make the most of it
HERE ARE some you may want to check out.


Having your nail done may be one of the more inexpensive services you get at the salon and yet it adds a lot of style to your look. This summer there are a lot of great shades (mostly orange-toned) that will help brighten up your wardrobe. In fact, you may wear all the shorts and tanks you used last summer and make everything look brand new by just adding lacquer on your tip. Remember to use colorless nail polish as the base to prevent your nails from getting stained.

Try: OPI Chihuahua Bites.


Burned skin is damaged skin, and never sexy! The sun not only damages your skin; it?s also the number one cause of wrinkles. Although it is very hard to reverse the damage the sun has caused, it is also very easy to avoid. Using sun protection is a must! SPF, which means sun protection factor, is the measure of how capable the product is in blocking or protecting you from the harmful rays of the sun. SPF 15 gives 93 percentUV protection, while over 30 adds about 4 percent more.

Wrinkles and uneven skintone are just the tip of the iceberg since too much sun exposure may lead to cancer. It is advisable to apply SPF throughout the day.

Try: Belo Essentials SPF


Aside from baby colognes that are great you may want to consider using unisex scents, which are starting to be accepted here in the Philippines. One common characteristic of this type of scent is it?s crisp and light. And the beauty of this scent is that you may share it with your husband or boyfriend. You don?t have to worry that you?ll smell the same since this is impossible! The scent mixes with your natural body odor and pheromones, thus there will be no chance for one person to smell like another.

Try: Diptyque Uae Duelle

Eye cream

The skin around our eyes is one of the most sensitive parts of our face. To be more specific, it?s seven times more sensitive. So every little tug is more like a pull making it wrinkle faster then the skin on our face.

An anti-wrinkle cream can help keep the skin in good shape, since there is very little fat under the eye. It also keeps it elastic to prevent dryness. So be extra gentle when dealing with the under-eye area.

Always dab when applying cream with your ring finger since it will give the least amount of pressure. Also never rub! A great eye cream can deduct years from your age.

Try: Estée Lauder Prevage Eye Advanced Anti-aging Serum

Lightweight foundation

Summer is the time where we bring out our fave shorts or sun-dresses. But our foundation should be as light as the clothes we wear! First, the heat doesn?t work well with heavy products since it creates unnatural streaks as we sweat. Also heavy foundation actually makes us look sticky while light foundations just stays on looking fresh. The look this summer is natural and lightweight foundations help the skin look great while making it withstand the heat.

Try: Max Factor Weightless Foundation SPF 10

Conditioner and treatment

Protect and repair your hair. Conditioning your hair is important in keeping it healthy, shiny and beautiful. Hair conditioner to the hair is like moisturizer to the face. It is also important to have a tub of treatment that you may use once a week or as needed. Treatments penetrate the hair, restoring and maintaining its internal strength. If your hair is color-treated and blown-dry often, and if it is exposed to the sun often, it will eventually lose its vibrancy and elasticity, which will lead to breakage and limp dull strands. Products without sulfate should be used: they that are mild and yet strong enough to maintain your hair?s natural lipids and proteins.

Try: Keihl?s sunflower deep conditioner


Everybody should have this! Luminizers are products that have shiny minerals in them. When light hits the skin these help soften discoloration and problem spots. They also may be used as highlighters in certain areas. Likewise, they may be used to minimize dark under-eye circles and play up the cheekbones. What I most love about Bobbi Brown product is when it is brushed on the face it makes my skin look luminous and dewy. It gives it just enough glow to look well rested and radiant. If it?s your first time to try this product have the sales associate teach you how to apply properly. It is actually very easy to use.

Try: Bobbi Brown Brick Shimmer