SANGRIA IS GREAT TO drink on its own because of its sweet, refreshing, fruity taste. But did you know that pairing it with the right kind of food makes it taste even better? Just as red and white wines complement certain kinds of food, sangria can also enhance the flavors of food. This is because wine acts much like the way spices do, allowing acids, tannins and sugars in wine to interact with the food.

Carlo Rossi Sangria, with its citrusy notes of lemon, orange and grapefruit, makes it an interesting blend that will go well with a lot of good food.

Soft or pungent cheeses are generally a good match with fruity beverages, but for sangria, Pepper Jack is the best kind to pair it with. Sangrias are great with spicy food as well. Perhaps an entertaining way of pairing it is to serve it with tapas. Party fare such as calamari, fried shrimp and spicy meatballs also complement the taste of sangria.

Carlo Rossi Sangria is best with barbecues. Since the sauces and glaze on barbecues are quite sweet, the perfect balance of citrus fruits, sweetness and acidity in sangria makes it a great complement. At the same time, it is a refreshing contrast to sticky, grilled meats.

And because Carlo Rossi Sangria is sweet, smooth and easy to drink, even non-wine drinkers can take it.

Carlo Rossi Sangria is available in supermarkets and wine stores in screw-cap bottles of 750 ml.