Chicken teriyaki, crab legs, pork ?bara,? ?karubi,? ?hotate yaki?-all in 45 minutes
WHEN MY friend Monch told me about this place, he asked me not to write about it so it would remain undiscovered.

Little Tokyo is right across Makati Cinema Square on Pasong Tamo Street. This is where you will find authentic Japanese restaurants, where many local Japanese have their meals.

Here, too, you will find a Japanese grocery selling interesting imported items. This is beside a Japanese restaurant called Serina.

From the grocery, I got instant noodles. I don?t know the brand, but they come in rectangular containers. You slightly open the top, remove the packs, add the dehydrated veggies and boiling water, and cover. After three minutes, drain and add the rest of the seasonings and mix.

It?s like ordering from a good noodle house. It?s a great snack. My kids love them. It?s wrapped in red, black and brown with the name written in Japanese.

I also love their Meiji chocolate almonds and Japanese rice crackers for snacks. For sandwiches, there is nothing like their Japanese mayo.

Real deal

The deal I was told about happens only on Tuesdays, 5-11:30 p.m. It costs only P500. There?s a catch though?you can eat for only 45 minutes. Believe me, that?s a lot of time.

As soon as the food arrived, it was as if we didn?t know each other. No one was talking. Once you sit down, order unlimited salad with Japanese dressing (removes the guilt of this feast) and unlimited piping hot rice. You are also given mild soy dipping sauce. There are only eight items to choose from.

After a few minutes, a barbecue grill will be placed on your table. The moment you place your first item on that grill, your 45 minutes starts. Items to choose from are two kinds of Japanese sausages, spicy and regular, marinated and boneless chicken teriyaki, crab legs, pork bara, karubi (both sweet and spicy), Hotate Yaki or fresh scallops on a shell and spare ribs.

The karubi has the texture of a chewy spam but looks like chopped kobe steak. I loved the sausages, which have a nice snap when you bite into them. The fresh-shelled scallops, crablets, spare ribs and karubi were also good. The karubi looks like well-marbled Japanese beef but processed. It was good.

Problem is, one is tempted to eat a lot of rice. The chicken is okay but takes too long to cook. After 45 minutes, one would smell like a smoke house, but that time is enough to enjoy the resto offerings.

We were warned of a last call before time was up. By this time, we were all sitting side ways for we were all stuffed. If anyone of us slept right after that sumptuous meal, one would surely get ?bangungot.? Most of these items, I was told, are imported from Japan. It was a pleasant experience.

I love it whenever I find places like Little Tokyo. Remember, this deal only happens on Tuesdays.

Urameshi Restaurant Yakiniku is at Little Tokyo, 2277 Don Chino Roces Ave., Pasong Tamo, Makati City.

Check it out! Happy eating!

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