AMONG MY four kids, so far it is my daughter Ali who seems to have picked up my love for adventure in eating.

Her eyes sparkle whenever you say green mango. When we were based in Vancouver, every time I flew to Manila she would have only one bilin, manggang hilaw.

Like me, she loves salted fish fried rice, burgers and Japanese food. And like me, she will binge on something and work out to burn all that pleasure and guilt.

A badminton buddy and foodie, Ricky Alberto, has always told me about his culinary adventures and discoveries in the provinces and his finds in the metropolis. One of the recent ones is an eat-all-you-can Japanese restaurant in Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

Actually, I am no longer a fan of eat-all-you-can buffets. I avoid them, especially in the evening, because I don?t like going to bed with a full tummy.

The Japanese food Ali is used to in Vancouver has exceptional ingredients. Her standard for exceptional ingredients is quite high. In Vancouver, a simple British Columbia tuna is the equivalent already of our toro sashimi here.

So to take her to this Tomas Morato place I had never been to was a risk, a possible taint on my restaurant-selection track record. I decided to take the risk anyway. My fall-black plan in case it wasn?t good?blame Ricky!

Expensive selections

The name of the restaurant was Yakimix. As we went in, as soon as the elevator door opened, we were greeted with welcome shouts by the service staff. I saw the sparkle in Ali?s eyes. She tried to keep her composure, but kept whispering how excited she was.

I have been to many Japanese buffets, but I have not seen this kind of selection. Most buffets don?t have the expensive items available, like sashimi, prawn tempura and others. This one did.

I started off with Japanese and Korean salads, then moved on to sashimi, sushi, tempura, bulgogi, seafood rolls, hot pot, grilled steaks, boneless chicken, fried rice, the crispy squid with a nice chili sauce, and many others.

It was actually confusing. Eager to try everything, I forgot what Ali was doing. But she was in heaven.

This was such a discovery. We all loved the food, so that evening, Ali already wanted to go back. She described the ice cream selection as ?like going to the grocery and being able to try anything in the freezer.? Drinks were also included.

With our adventure a success, I quietly took the credit for the resto choice?a feather in my foodie cap, in the eyes of my foodie daughter.

We all look forward to going back. I hear the resto even has a wider spread in the evening. It?s less than P500 per head. What a steal!

Some tips, though: Exercise or work out before the meal. Don?t have breakfast if you?re going there for lunch, or have a light lunch if you?re going there for dinner. Eat slowly. And don?t sleep right after (bangungungsi!).

The best time to plan a diet is right after this meal. Whether or not you?ll keep it when you get hungry again?well, that?s another story.

Happy eating!

Yakimix is at 270 Tomas Morato, Quezon City. Call 9649931 or 0917-8809980.

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