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Exquisite roast, impeccable service

This restaurant was the place for fine dining when it opened decades ago. It has kept its reputation through the decades and still caters to those who want a truly exquisite roast, among others, and impeccable service.

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The chefs forgot my order!

What started us on a great anticipation for a happy meal turned out into a nightmare as the chefs forgot to cook our order.

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Good old-fashioned cooking in Taguig

A restaurant with old-world charm and ambiance, which serves food reminiscent of heritage Filipino cuisine, is tucked away in a gated village in Taguig City.

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Tagaytay resto carries on the family legacy

She comes from a family with a history of having established three food groups, basically engaged in restaurants. They cooked, ate, explored and discovered new dishes from master chefs, cooks and their forebears as well. They have successfully managed restaurants, which to this day are blessed with large groups of diners always craving for true Filipino food. Today, Tootsie is definitely in her element in the dining place she named after herself. She pays homage to her parents’ legacy.

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Middle Eastern food and Chinese dishes

A group was searching for a new taste. A chance presented itself, a restaurant called Persian Kebab. The discovery serves not only Mid-Eastern food but more. On another eating journey, in another district, favorite Chinese dishes beckoned. Thus in a span of two weeks, the gustatory urgings were satisfied.

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