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Tetta Agustin, discovered by Givenchy and once the house mannequin of YSL, hosts a house blessing of her Greenhills base
HOUSE BLESSING IS A VERY Filipino tradition. It is not only an occasion for praying over the new home but for having a family reunion and even a party. This is true especially when the presiding over the rites is Archbishop Soc Villegas and providing the feast is Le Soufllé.

That is exactly what Tetta Agustin and husband, Dr. Christian Bavery, did last week. Tetta was the first Filipina Supermodel. In the ?70s, she was the only Asian mannequin du cabine (house model) of the late great Yves Saint Laurent who relied on Tetta?s positive ebullient energy to cheer him up when Saint Laurent needed inspiration to do sketches for his couture collections.

Tett?s only daughter, Tosca, is the goddaughter of design great Hubert de Givenchy who first discovered Tetta in Paris and took note her feline grace and graceful pirouettes on the catwalk.

Living in Paria and London, Tetta practically invented overseas Filipino worker money remittances and with her business acumen was able to purchase property in Paris and London.

Happily married today, Tetta lives in Brussels most of the year, visiting their Avenue Foch apartment to check on Tosca who is studying in Paris.

In her golden age, Tetta and Philippe have decided to purchase a home in Greenhills to be closer to family and friends. It?s the perfect place to escape the winter of Europe, which is particularly bitter and cold this year.

So last week, with fashion friends like Larrie Silva, Rusty Lopez and Therese Coronel Santos, society pals Gloria Diaz, Chris Medina, Ian Villamor, and the full force of Edvee, Louie, Mato, Monch and Candy Cruz, Tetta held a house blessing of her new Manila home.

There was the rare appearance of Roy Gonzales who once worked for the House Of Lanvin and since has been working in his mother?s atelier, the venerable RT Paras. Tetta? s friend Zuki brought a seamless cream jersey hostess gown just for the occasion.

Tetta?s intimate but rockabilly evening of good food, Rum Red Bull, better conversation and the best dancing I have seen this year.