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From her massive zit to the biggest ice cream sundae-we let Katy Perry tell you about her Manila experience
THANKS TO TWITTER, WE NO longer have to figure out what goes on when international music stars set foot on our shores.

Their after-concert high, the things they find funny, even snapshots of their trip?they are willing to share all these in 140 characters or less.

This is the next best thing to crashing their hotel room.

Here?s what Katy Perry has to say about her recent Manila experience:

?Ffffffinally made it to MANILA! Weeeee! Who?s coming to the show?!??6:22 PM Nov 11th from UbterTwitter

?So loopy tired BUT now I?ve found this: I HAVE TO STAY AWAKE OR THE LIL?S! Must go to hobbit house must. ZzzzZz..??1:02 AM Nov 12th from UberTwitter

?watch out world, its f*ckin Friday the 13th??4:52 PM Nov 12th from UberTwitter

?On Friday the 13th my hard drive on my Mac had a melt down. Please apple kid don?t hack into the file labeled NOODZ???9:13 PM Nov 12th from UberTwitter

?CPK MANILA WHUT WHUT??11:46 PM Nov 12th from Twitpic

?RT @JungleJulia: Manila! who?s coming to show tonight? first 10 katycats to RT @ me will win a meet&greet b4 show. I?ll DM winners w/info.??8:11 PM Nov 13th from UberTwitter

?RT @JungleJulia: WINNERS @bennroaring @moshreyes @ahhahh @lyravert @dynnnn @_nicoleeey @jdpalmatier1016 @zeefuentebella @baklar @graxiecakes??9:01 PM Nov 13th from UberTwitter

?Hope this massive zit on the back of my necks a good luck sign 4 2night. Not gonna lie, I always feel WAY more important w/police escorts.??3:38 AM Nov 14th from UberTwitter

?Oh shayth, maybe I just TMI-ed. Yep, I tend to do that & then forget a MISHILLION people r reading. Oh well. 10k ppl in MANILA TONIGHT!! GO!??3:44 AM Nov 14th from UberTwitter

?I have Manila all over my face. Yum.??8:17 AM Nov 14th from UberTwitter

?Okay, I just ordered the biggest ice cream sundae in history WHY? Cause it?s SUNDAY and it looks RIDICULOUS. TWITPICIN soooooon!?11:58 PM Nov 14th from UberTwitter

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