Some are funny, some are inspiring, some will make you feel like a voyeur. Here are some Pinoys you should add to your following list if you haven?t already.
Apart from getting great deals on that trip you?ve been wanting to take, Cebu Pacific?s come-ons are hella funny, with lines like ?Be Cool, Bicol!?, ?Mura lang VINTA namin? (Zamboanga), ?Thai-yo na at magsaya!? and ?It Takes Juan to Taiwan!? You?ll end up looking forward to their next seat sale but for a different reason.

2. gabemercado (Gabe Mercado)

Stage performer and actor, his tweets are both informative and funny. His bio reads ?puts the pun in punyeta.?

3. MMDA (Metro Manila Development Authority)

MMDA?s latest social networking initiative to be more approachable to citizens seems to be working well. Get up-to-date traffic updates and maybe even vent a little when your bladder is about to burst and Edsa hasn?t moved in an hour.

4. noynoyaquino (President Noynoy Aquino)

His promise of a more transparent government includes Twitter. While we can?t imagine him sneaking away to update Twitter during a meeting with foreign dignitaries, he does have a team he can ask to tweet for him.

5. lizzzuy (Liz Uy)

You?re curious, we are, too. You?ll be more curious when she tweets quotes about love and leadership, though not necessarily in one tweet.

6. carlosceldran (Carlos Celdran)

He was thrown in jail for disrupting a Mass and gives the best tours of Manila when not behind bars.

7. jimparedes (Jim Paredes)

One-third of APO Hiking Society and a professor, too, his tweets are mostly inspirational and opinions about current events. Sometimes, he and Carlos Celdran lock horns over the latest political situations and their tweet volleys are funny to follow.

8. spotdotph (

This lifestyle site is fast becoming a must-read with their up-to-date reviews of the latest things happening around the metro as well as their regular top ten lists ranging from where to get the best ensaimada to the hunkiest chefs in the country.


Short updates on events at Cultural Center of the Philippines for culture vultures and those looking for an alternative weekend away from the mall.

10. IAmAngelicaP (Angelica Panganiban)

Her tweets use enough gay lingo to make you wonder if John Lapus? spirit is still in her body. Get updates from her and maybe tips on how to snag a Derek Ramsay.

11. alexandraescat (Alexandra Escat)

Live vicariously through the tweets of a woman whose regular day includes sailing with princes.

12. MsLeaSalonga (Lea Salonga)

Her voice still packs a punch, both onstage and on Twitter. Just make sure to spell her name properly or she?ll call you on it (Lea, not Leah, but you know that already).

13. tjmanotoc (TJ Manotoc)

He?s a must-have on every tech geek?s feed. Sports fans, too.

14. zsazsapadilla (Zsa Zsa Padilla)

She sings her tweets, or attempts to do so using a lot of musical notes peppered in between. The notes somehow make you imagine her warbling her tweets in her trademark voice.

15. macherieamour (Cherie Gil)

Her profile pic is a glass of water thrown and aimed at your face. She may never call you a copycat, but you can try hard.

16. itsmekrisaquino (Kris Aquino)

She may annoy you, but admit it, you kinda miss her. Get caught up on Josh?s favorite cartoons, what toys Bimby bought recently or hear about her friend Pokey, or Pokwang as she is more popularly known (what did you think it was?).

17. annabellerama (Annabelle Rama)

No one still knows if this is really THE Annabelle Rama, but there are enough ?dongs? in her tweets to make it seem authentic. Follow her for the latest on ?Chard? or if you?ve been dying to be managed by her.

18. ramonbautista (Ramon Bautista)

His tweets are hilarious, and he loves Angry Birds, too. What?s not to follow?

19. kuyakim_atienza (Kim Atienza)

Ever wonder in the middle of traffic why you can?t lick your elbow? Ask Kuya Kim, he probably knows, and he?ll tell you, too.

20. maria_ressa (Maria Ressa)

Her opinions and insights should be part of your Twitter stream of consciousness.

21. riccichan (Ricci Chan)

We loved him as scene-stealing Didi in ZsaZsa Zaturnnah and as the horrified makeup artist in ?Here Comes The Bride.? His tweets as his self is just as hilarious.

22. ricoblanco (Rico Blanco)

You may be seeing him on TV more than hearing him on radio, but his tweets still smack of the awesome songwriter he is. It makes you kinda long for the times when he was writing songs instead of consorting with fake vampires.

23. missosology (Missosology)

Any self-respecting fan of local pageantry should be following Missosology and his analyses on the Philippine beauty queen circuit.

24. francisbrew (Francis Brew Reyes)

A lot of hardcore fans still can?t get over NU107?s disappearance, but its spirit still lives on the Internet, and so does Francis Brew and his stream.

25. inquirerdotnet (Philippine Daily Inquirer Group)

Get timely updates on news that matters. Whether serious or light, Inquirer breaks it to your feed.