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Edgar Rice Burroughs legacy alive and well in ‘John Carter’


Walt Disney Pictures’ 3D action-adventure “John Carter” is based on the Edgar Rice Burroughs classic “A Princess of Mars,” the first novel in Burroughs’ Barsoom series.

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The director of ‘Finding Nemo’ launches ‘John Carter,’ the original sci-fi hero, into cinematic orbit


As far as science fiction pedigree is concerned, it’s hard to beat “John Carter.” For one thing, the source material—serialized magazine stories from venerable author Edgar Rice Burroughs—is exactly 100 years old, and Burroughs did happen to create one other character in 1912, a loincloth-clad jungle king named Tarzan.

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First quarter storm


As the Metro Manila Film Festival wraps up its run in theaters, the foreign invasion returns to movie houses. It used to be that the first three months of the year were reserved for flicks making last-minute runs at Oscars glory, but the recent past has seen some sneaky big releases, taking advantage of a lack of competition to rake in some major money.

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