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Childhood TV addicts more likely to commit crime—study


Children who watch excessive amounts of television are more likely to have criminal convictions and show aggressive personality traits as adults, a New Zealand study has found.

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Chasing Amy


We all watched her downward spiral. The blood-spattered shoes, the messy beehive, the scratches on her arm, the eyes that can’t seem to focus. The disastrous gigs, the scary videos, the tragic photos. Amy Winehouse battled demons, succumbed to addiction again and again, and the world watched while she did it. And sadly, it is […]

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She nailed it


Deniz Satici, an Amy Winehouse fan and nail polish blogger from Turkey (www.emeraldsparkled.com/), expressed her sadness over the singer’s death with a beautiful work of art—on her nails. She wrote, “I’m really, really sad about Amy Winehouse passing away. I really liked her, musically and personally. I was aware that she was tumbling down really […]

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‘Rawness wrapped in a melody’

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“I love ‘Valerie’ because of its Motown feel. I think Amy grew up listening to other girl groups of the ’50s and ’60s and her voice has that balmy, jazzy, old world feel to it.”—Tuesday Vargas, actress, vocalist, Top Junk “The Lesley Gore cover of ‘It’s My Party’ featuring Quincy Jones. It was written for […]

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Dear Amy Winehouse


This is my nth attempt at writing you a letter. There’s so much to say, but I’m just having a hard time putting it into writing. I want it to be perfect and worthy, but I can’t seem to find the focus and I feel as if I really need to do it now, even if I don’t want to rush it.

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