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Philippines wins first Grand CLIO

WHOOPI Goldberg
introduces the first
Filipino agency to win
the Grand CLIO. Merlee
Jayme and Alex Syfu
accept the award.

The CLIO Awards celebrated its 55th year in New York. Emmy, Grammy, Tony and Oscar winner Whoopi Goldberg opened the show to “wit perfection.” “You guys made me buy a Fiat. You make products look good even when they’re really not,” she quipped.

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‘Heil Adler’–my learning curve


Circa 1967, while I was working in a small startup agency, Link Advertising, we created an ad for Adler, a German-made typewriter. It had this headline: “Heil! Adler!”

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Coca-Cola shares the happiest way of saying thank you


Every day, there are people who make our lives happier. Never does a day go by that we don’t thank them, yet we don’t even know their name. Coca-Cola believes that it is time for us to know them better.

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Amazing advertising classics


The ’60s to the late ’80s were the golden years of Philippine advertising. I was in the right place at the right time. I was compulsively active as president and chief creative officer during those years.

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How rock musicians can afford the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle

CLOCKWISE, from top left: RobMartinez by night; Isa Garcia Sicam at work; Rob by day; Dara David
Roa by night; JazzNicolas by day

How do you afford your rock ’n’ roll lifestyle?” is alternative rock band Cake’s caustic ditty about poser rock fans “drinking what they’re selling.”

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