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A quick guide to 3 transport apps—including their flaws


First step: You will need to sign up with your e-mail address and a credit card. No credit card, no go. We tried signing up using a debit card and Globe’s Virtual Amex card but both were rejected. There’s no getting around the credit card bit, which could pose a problem, as a lot of Filipinos are still wary of owning a credit card. Since Uber drivers are not allowed to handle cash, it would be great if the app could allow payments using debit cards or GCash.

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Cheer for your school team and win an O+ Air Android phone


It’s the time of year when you must show your love of school. Why not win something for it?

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Reinventing the PC and the Android


Tablet computing had plenty of false starts before it became the ubiquitous device it is now. A few decades ago, cellular phones were capable of merely making calls and sending primitive text messages, while companies still had to imagine tablets. Today, smartphones and tablets have turned into sophisticated pocket computers, making the personal computer superfluous for casual consumers.

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Get the Young Blood 4 eBook!

The Young Blood 4 eBook will be available on Inquirer mobile apps for Apple and Android devices along with 60 other Inquirer newspapers, magazines and e-books. Go to inquirer.net/apps. The e-book is free for annual digital subscribers (print subscribers for at least six months get bundled digital access. Call 8966000 to inquire).

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How Android smartphones are making life easier for Rafa and Amina Alunan


The phenomenon of smartphones and other IT gadgets has enabled people to stay connected 24/7 with either their loved ones or business associates, wherever they are. Although these devices can boost productivity, they can also be a distraction either at the workplace or at home.

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